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boy do I ever have the H.O.T.S


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 14:27:32 PDT

I bet there are some folks out there who wish I didn't.....well you know how
that goes "Be Careful What You Wish For" wishes have been coming true
in a good way...I don't have to be careful what I wish for....I am making a
wish right now.....I better make a big wish.....Hey I can blame myself for
all of the war and suffering in this world --I didn't forward all of those
wish messages around that my "sister" sent.....I always told her she would
have to blame me if there wasn't world peace....We don't have world peace I guess that is my fault (have a laugh). I guess I was trying to
make up for not following my "sister's" advice. I had to try to make up for
not forwarding those mails. I wonder if there is any mail on my computer
that needs to be forwarded to any one...hmmmmmm....better check. My sister
knows what bad thing happened when I did follow her advice....I am so glad
she would not take it! She took part of my problem to someone who would
listen....I was so embarrassed that I called that person up and begged her
not to say a word....My sister knew better---she knew things would only get I took care of that little problem I didn't want her to feel
terrible guilt for her mistake. But I tell you she was HOT. She compliments
me often for the way I do handle my problems though....and I like the sound
of it!
Her cleaning lady even said I looked like one...the first time she met
me!..and they didn't believe me when I said I was RICHER--They thought they
threw that little secret. I sure could do some damage to
them if they new what they really threw away....I don't think they want any
one in education in the STATE OF OHIO or the USA or the even the PRESIDENT
to know what they really threw away (I wouldn't throw those things away if I
were them). I wonder if they made a list? I have a list of what they threw
on my computer ( I wasn't all upset about it until I figured out what they
tossed....I bet I know where to find it if anyone wants to know. I sure
can't tell the board....or the super would really get mad ....and that would
only cause more problems for me cause nothing ever happens when someone does
something bad to me at my school....things only get worse.....and then I
have to use plan B.

Well....anyway....when you have a problem....and plan A doesn't work...cause
someone took all of your options in plan A away.....Then you have to come up
with plan B.....and when that doesn't have to come up with to keep them guessing....and be sure you don't give them a clue
what the rules are....I have a book rules where they could grab a clue....I
wonder if they will turn to it? I sure am glad I have folks who will want
to help me with my problem.....since I can not do plan A...super took all of
those options away.

I had my super accuse me of playing a game last summer....I was only
following my rule books (The Book and contract) and trying to follow his
rules at the same time....but his rules are not in writing. I have his on
record somewhere....where could that be? got to keep them guessing.

I can't share any of my plans to the list....but if anyone cares to hear
privately...we can give it a shot....I just I could have depended on the
plan that all of you suggested....I really enjoy everyone's advice.....It is
a good thing one of their wishes didn't come true....I don't think they
would have liked some of the suggestions you folks had...all I know for sure
is it will all work out in the end.

Good day!