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Re: terrified of art cart


From: The Austin's (whest177_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 19:09:45 PDT

I'm the one who posted my cart on my site. I will be your POSITIVE
experience! I am a K-12 art teacher and K-2 Librarian. So in one building I
have a library AND an art room to maintain (primary building). At the Jr/Sr
high I have an art room to maintain. That's 3 rooms. My cart is the one area
where I don't have to do bulletine boards or displays. I can integrate
easily as I see what is being taught in the classrooms. I have centers,
which helps with down time. I find that I get so much more done on the cart
as I have to be super organized. Also, EASY REWARD SYSTEM!!! Whichever
student was the "best behaved", "worked the hardest", was "the most
honestly my reward! I have a class list for each class that I clip on the
door of my cart. I just check off who has done it so they all get a turn. I
have organizational ideas on my page as far as the cart goes. As for the
student's names - each student has a 12x18" portfolio that stays in a box in
the classroom. Classroom teachers pass these out before I get there. All
artwork stays in the portfolios (their name is written across the top), so
when I need artwork for an artshow, display, etc I just walk into the room
and grab what I need. I make it clear that I am the teacher in charge when I
am in there. Yes, I have my own rules - I have them posted on my cart (at
least for the first few weeks). If a student just will not behave I send
him/her out in the hall, or I take away recess. My first day, always, is
passing out the portfolios. We write our names at the top, and then have a
simple gluing lesson. I have legal sized papers that has the color wheel and
elements drawn on it. Always very decorative - the kids can color this while
they're waiting for me if I'm running late. Anyway, gluing lesson is 4-6
SMALL drops of glue to hold this paper down, achieved by opening the glue
bottle all the way, closing it part way, apply the glue. Last, we wipe the
tops of our glue bottles and practice putting our portfolios away. This
mini-lesson allows us to go over rules, follow directions, perform a simple
activity, and clean up on the first day while allowing students to get back
into "school mode". Another trick that I do is to write ART on the board -
if the class gets too noisy then I erase a letter. If I erase all 3 letters,
then there is no ART on the board, so there can't be any ART in the
classroom and we clean up and practice being quiet. I've only had to do this
twice in 7 years! Anyways, I've rambled on enough. I really do enjoy my
cart - and wouldn't change UNLESS they gave me a really great room set up
appropriately. E-mail me if you have any questions, and remember, a cart is
only a teaching situation - the lessons don't change, nor do the kids! :-)

>What I can't figure out are things like classroom management, art
> prints? ( I guess overhead sheets would be most practical), kids names,
> especially what to do the first day of school or whenever the first time I
> teach art. Do you follow each classroom's rules or do you set up your own
> art rules on the first day? Have you had times where you kids weren't
> following directions and needed to stop? And are there any art cart
> who had a POSITIVE Experience or at least not a horrendous one?