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RE: Job security (especially Larrry Seiler)


From: Rebecca Stone-Danahy (RebeccaStoneDanahy_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 05:59:05 PDT

Have I missed something? I have been on artsednet for about six months now
and from your recent messages it sounds like you have been through some
awful experiences. I hope that you are OK.
You are one of my "heros" from this list and I greatly admire your work and
If you want to talk job security, I could share a few stories with you. I'm

Take care,

Becky in NC

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From: Judy Decker []
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 5:18 AM
To: ArtsEdNet Talk
Subject: Job security (especially Larrry Seiler)

I had a couple folks post to me off list questions about job security. In
some districts there may be administrators who have the "power thing". It is
a normal feeling for some principals and superintendents. It is not there
fault. You need to know how to recognize this. If you feel you are being
mistreated, you need to document it because they probably are keeping little
records of things you do that they think might be odd. This is something I
had trouble with at first because of my strong religious beliefs ---but in
order to protect me and my family, I have found it necessary.

In some districts, there may even be repercussions toward other staff
members if they try to help you. They may feel they have to change their
story or-- if you tell them what is happening, there could be repercussion
towards them or other staff members. Things just didn't get better when we
followed standard procedures and I knew that.

I have our OEA (Ohio Education Association) reps as security. My
administrator told Ann Field he threw away some paper in my room and was
afraid it would upset me. She was wise and told him I could handle that. I
could for the rest of the year. When I was cleaning my room I couldn't find
reasons why a whole trimester of technology work, a whole unit of heroes
(images, magazines), project samples, and some of my personal artwork about
my family was missing. All year I would look for things that belonged to me
that I needed and I couldn't find them. My son, who I dearly love, was
dumbfounded when I told him there was nothing I could do about it. He
couldn't understand either. I felt terrible when I saw that look in his
face. I asked Larry Seiler for help --he couldn't rationalize either....I
now know it happened for a very good reason....but I had to make a fool out
of myself to this list to find out.

Thank you to all who ignored my bizarre e-mail....I have taken steps to
insure it would not happen again to the ones love. The ones who I meant to
offend did not e-mail mail....I knew they wouldn't but no one has the right
to offend-- not even when they are so troubled. I will have a fabulous
Friday now (sister Bunki) and now Craig Roland I will be able to have
quality time for myself. The death of a loved one was easier for me to
rationalize than the destruction of my art work.

I don't know why that happened ---but I will never put that high of a value
on personal possessions again. My rubber band is working. My family is so
important to me. I do not need to have words said in anger ever used against
me. If I am a "human virus" -- then I want to infect those around me with
kind words....I will keep working on that one and I am going to get my
"Vengeance is mine" says the Lord....But it is not right to take my life (my
joy.....what I love doing!).

Some things just have to be said...Learn from my mistakes....venting is
good --but vent to your friends. They are the ones you can trust.

Thank you lord for giving me this message at 5:17 in the morning....Why
wait? who cares what time I got this idea?