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The H.O.T.S. in art


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 05:47:01 PDT

LOL....and we have it more than just about any other subject....because we
teach them how to enjoy the rest of their lives --and to me, that is really
something! We teach them how we can enrich our lives and communicate better
through art. A song is wonderful but you hear it and it is gone (until you
hear it again ---But a work of art? You look at that everyday --you can
think about it everyday and appreciate it. You want to make wise choices for
the pieces you select for your home - or office. You want them to have
special meaning to you. That way, you can save a bunch of money for other
things in life)...We teach them how to express themselves. We teach them how
to respect other peoples opinions and views....We teach them all that is
good about other cultures -- how to respect beliefs....And we teach students
how to learn through their mistakes....There is a lot we teach.

Boy am I glad I have the H.O.T.S. --- Higher Order Thinking Skills --

I have been offered hundreds of dollars for this work of art (and that was
before it was framed).
Look at all of the money I saved! if I would have had to buy it. I look at
this piece everyday and admire the meaning it has for me. It was a gift for
my son. the piece is called "Celestial Family" More details are on my site:

Oh my....does this look like "Ancestor worship"? Why.. I never thought of it
that way (he-he)....But now that you mention it, I guess I am all world
religions rolled up into one! We are the World -We are One! I guess if I can
get more and more....and more art teachers to believe that same as I
do...Then, that also will create job security for me (we are all alike --you
get rid of me, another clone comes along...and what if he/she has even
better ideas than I do?) I think I will just go and hug my ancestors Bible
today and than them for all they have done for me. If you think my ancestors
Bible doesn't give me answers when I am troubled --then that is YOUR
problem. I will not be punished for my beliefs again. NOR will I lose my job
for those beliefs. Now I protect myself by writing down exactly what I say
about religion in my class and why it was said. I think there will be a lot
more people on my side if the time comes. (Phew....yes Bunki.....venting is

Art is very valuable....don't let anyone kid ya. I ran into an ornery kid
yesterday that is looking forward to my class next year. I am going to make
it worth his while (so there). I have all sorts of tricks to get kids to
behave in my class. Some of my secrets I can not share with the list ---but
I will try to privately. This is the most important one:

5) ERASER - To remind you that everyone makes mistakes, and
   its OK.

I try not to worry about the little things kids do --- only the big ones --
the ones that need to go to the big guy (or gal).

Well, Duh.grab a clue... ha-ha