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Promises....Promises....."To do list"


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 14:11:50 PDT

Here is help with your to do list......and I hope you will help me with
Anyone who has promised me anything in the last year or so (unless in the
last week)....I have forgotten your promise to me. Isn't if funny how we
remember promises but those to whom we have made the promise have often
forgotten? I found this out last summer. I contacted many of my "promised
people" and they forgot all about it --and some had no recollection of even
who I was (which was a relief to me as I didn't have to do the work)!

Prior to my re-formatting (hacking experience) I had all of my list of
promises e-mail saved in my Inbox....Those promises are not in view any
more. I have to go looking for them...SO IF I promised you something prior
to June 17....and IF you really need it...You are going to have to send me a
reminder e-mail ( )

My husband just asked me if I got something done on his "to do list"....and
ooops! I had forgotten all about it! I did it right away. If he can remind
me nicely so can all of you ( Judi).

So....I am graciously backing out of promises that you may have forgotten
about and you are now relieved of promises I have forgotten about.
IN OTHER WORDS....we put enough stress on ourselves....Take care of promises
to yourself and you family because they are the ones who really count.
And...yes some of you are my family so those promises I can keep and will

I am officially switching to "Random Acts of Kindness" that now I am
making no more promises to all my dear Getty friends...I will just surprise
you from time to time. As I have now made a promise to myself to enjoy the
rest of my summer!....and some of you who have made too many promises my
want to rethink yours (smile).

And here is help for all who put packets in the mail (at their own expense):
I will make it my own personal policy to send a self-address - stamped
envelope to those whom I have requested a copy of a lesson plan or article.
Then it becomes my responsibility to see that I get the packets....I will
always request something like this off list to avoid the deluge of "me too"
(which fortunately due to the efforts of one of my "sisters" hasn't happened
too much).
This is a little different for those of you who have schools that will cover
your postage. I have to pay for my own, as I am sure many of you do too. I
always appreciate when someone says "Oh, don't bother, my school will pay
the postage"....but they will not say that to the entire list. I was
actually told if I wanted to use the school mail to send out copies of my
web page (on disk) I would have to submit a purchase requisition....can you
imagine? for a 33 cent stamp? Heck-- It was a lot easier for me to just put
the stamp on and send it from home.

And now you can all vent....."Ooooo...that Judy know, she
promised to do this for me and never did it! Imagine the nerve!!!! She is
such a *B* "

Do you feel better.


P.S. My promises made in the last week still hold....fortunately none of you
are expecting them right when they come, you will think --"Oh...I
had forgotten all about that." and then you will smile as I do when a
surprise happens.

P.P.S. Take this to heart folks...We have enough stress in our lives ---We
do not need to let things we say we will do for all of you folks add extra
stress. Just know that when we offer we really do mean well....and we mean
to help you out....but we have lives too and get busy. (Just my little

P.P.S. Broad In Total Control of Herself (remember that one ladies...and be
proud to be a *B*)....I guess it could be "Babe", too...but I am more Broad
than Babe these days.....I know -- both are offensive to
women...but.....What else could the B stand for?