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Oh my gosh! Using folks real names


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 09:28:23 PDT

And another thank you to Neall!

I quickly sent the post encouraging you to look at Neall's student work and
I accidentally put her real name. I felt so bad!....she just replied back to
me and hadn't even noticed...Phew!

BUT....Folks PLEASE remember for future reference to never use a person's
full name on the list unless they use it that way themselves. People have
good cause not to use their full name---we all should respect their privacy
(and the security of their computers).

Just try to remember this little tid bit. A little "List Etiquette".... Let
us all try to watch for the little things we do and try to correct them. The
Mata Hari never returned my e-mail when I sent her a thank you back in I don't know how to contact her for advice.

Wow!!! I found it using the restored archives--it was so easy!

Just enter Emily POSTing etiquette --- and you will go right to it.

I didn't post the whole thing----because I am SOOOO guilty of one of them
(K.I.S.S.......My grandpappy was a minister so I am WELL aware of this
flaw....My daddy would also take SOOOO long to get to the point of his
stories....This is something I inherited.--OK Judy, what's your point?.. I
can not "keep it simple, STUPID"! Just think of it like you do the color of
my hair or my eyes---and appreciate the gifts these two fine men have given
me! Oh, how I wish I could keep it simple--I would not get into so much
trouble (smile)! Any one who gets ticked off by this flaw of mine --Just
take a course in "Emily Woodhead Speed Reading" and look for the good parts.
There might be one or two words worth reading in the whole mess of
gobbly-gook. Gesh! God wrote (through his servants) one of the best books I
have ever read! I only read the good parts, now.

Judy Decker

P.S. Mata Hari---this little vent above is not intended for any list member
so please --do not take offense. I just hate to be punished for what I say.
I don't expect everyone to agree with me...Just to respect that I have a
different view. My great-grandfather and great-great father had the gift of
words too....I still have their letters from the 1840's-1900's)....Those are
some very long----long letters! And you know what? John Richer not only
wrote them in English---he copied them in German as well for his kin-folk to
read...all beautifully hand written --both languages. These men wondered
about the world around them--why folks were treating others with such hatred
(remember--these was Indian times...Native Americans were human beings to
them...My family farmed land that once belonged to the Indians--They bought
their land, but my Grandfather donated the sale of the land to a Christian
College for Scholarship funds ---Quite a hefty chunk of change ---from
John's $1,000 investment.The donation to the college was well over ten times
that --over $100,000 --for the land alone)
SOOOO...for those who are still offended and reading don't be mad at
mad at God. I come across this....I will just scroll on
buy.......(sorry digest folks).....AND if your server bounces it to you many
times? delete....delete....delete. Here is the funny part...I prayed to God
as I was writing...ha-ha. Did he direct you to read it? Did he direct it to
bounce to your computer three times?

What's this!? Here is a big laugh -- the last several times I entered "he"
for God. I looked at my screen and I had typed HER! Have we been misguided
all these years? I guess we will have to wait to find out.