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More on Firewalls (Hacker - beware)


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 21:34:27 PDT

I just got this from a list member (slightly edited):

At a high school, they disable kids account almost weekly for trying to hack
the school and district servers. Kids are sly, but not always smart, when it
comes to hacking...
It is pretty easy to hack, if you take the time. The information is on the
net and easy to find...The biggest concern is if kids go too far, they can
completely disable a school server or district server. Most kids mean no
harm, because they really don't know what they are doing, but there are some
that do...Those who administrate the network have learned many of their
tricks....It's quite entertaining to say the least.....

And now one for the hackers:

OK hackers...especially kids....the tech people are getting smarter and
smarter in these schools (they can read too you know...and have all day to
figure this stuff out --- you are supposed to be in class learning know...). Get your kicks elsewhere. Read any good books
lately? How about doing a science experiment? or plant a garden? Maybe go
out an buy a cool car? (I would go for the car --that seems to take a lot of
my son's time---and he loves it!)

And this is to all the hackers who read this list:

I doubt that any hackers are reading this list....although I am sure they
can read. Hackers, are you interested in the Fine Arts? If so I have lots of
good stuff on my computer about art...If any hackers try to hack into the
kind person's computer who gave us all that wonderful will
not be happy....You will be very...very sorry...and you will never hack
again.....I have a direct line to God. He answers my prayers. I would not
try to find out if I were you. Act "rightly" and you will not have to find
the consequence. The Internet is a powerful tool for knowledge....It was
not an accident.....You don't mess with God...I know...We have "messages
from God" all over our town--big billboards. Look out. The big billboards
may come to your town too....and you will know I speak the truth. Why...we "
talked" just today: The purpose of the
Internet is to bring this world together as one world and eventually bring
peace. The purpose is to build respect for other's point of view.....way of
doing things....the purpose is to communicate. How can this purpose be
achieved if you continually try to sabotage this wonderful tool?

Seriously hackers....I did apologize for my error...Now give me a break and
leave his system alone -- Don't make me suffer. What kind of kicks do you
get from hacking anyway? My son is a real wiz at the computer and has no
interest in hacking.

This is what I taught my son:
"Do under others as you would have them do under you"
Maybe that will help you decide the right thing to do. Would you want
someone else hacking into YOUR computer? Really? Hackers, I am a
teacher....and now I guess I have to be your mother (not that your mother
failed in anyway---I know she tried to raise you to be honest)....If just
one hacker reads this message maybe I at least made you think.....

"This woman is nuts"....LOL friends who know me!
But....hey...This is why kids don't mess up too much in my class. I make
them sit down and talk with me. We talk...and talk....stuff like
this...about what is right. They even say to me "You are not my mother." I
say I know "I am your teacher. I am teaching you character." It is a big
joke around my school (between us teachers)...kid messes up....send him to
Mrs. Decker (I love it!). But oh, do they (kids) look sheepishly at me when
I see them in our after school detention from someone else's office
referral....they know.
I just might have to use this story if I here my kiddies talking about

P.S. That kind person probably is not the same person you know anyway....I
believe it was a man from London, England...Yes....London sounds about was the one I communicate with in France....Oh ...South
African? Australia? Gosh I am sorry....I just can not remember which county
he is from so you will have to e-mail me first so I can give you ALL of the
accounts I have for just that one name. I even have an Uncle in Chicago who
has the same name.... How will you possibly know WHICH one sent me the
e-mail? I have rattled on so much I can't even remember the name in the
first place....Jimbo? Bubba? Ralph?