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Here is Firewall - Hacker information


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 19:05:21 PDT

Gary Osborne sent me exactly what I was looking for.
We are so lucky to have real "Tech Wizards" on our ArtEdNetTalk list.
I had so many personal inquiries about this topic I felt it best to tell
all. What was done to my computer was something even my 8th grade students
knew how to do (That is actually how I knew it had to be a hacker---the kids
described to me what they learned...They said they could do it to the school
server---I told them I would not try if I were them as Mrs. Decker would
have to report them). I viewed it as a "blessing" sort of because no major
damage was done -- and it was a "Wake up call" to protect our files.

From Gary Osborne:

Two of the best firewalls out there are
Black Ice Defender
and Zone Alarm, or Zone Alarm Pro.

These are very safe firewalls and offer very good protection.
I am not sure what one you have, but these are two of the best.
I usually don't advertise which ones I use.
Only the best of hackers can hack these firewalls, and if they are that
good, they are going to go after people who don't have firewalls, and there
are millions....
I get at least 5 attempts a day, and I am not even on that much. You really
need them if you have DSL and are 'always on'
If you are getting alarms that's good, attempts are being blocked....and
that is what you want. You should be able to disable the siren/alarm
also...but it's a nice alert to let you know hackers are lurking....

This is a second e-mail I received from Gary:

With Networkice, you can buy an add on, that is pretty slick called
it decodes the log files from BlackIce and gives you even more information
to send to a hackers ISP.
Most hackers are novice and don't cover themselves up very well.
ClearIce even formulates a letter with the black ice decoded information to
send to the hackers ISP.
Many good hackers 'spoof' ISP's, so they are hard to track. Spoofing means
they use someone else's ISP address to hack from, In other words, hacking
into somebody's open machine, and hacking from their ISP.
You can find ClearIce at

Anyone who is thinking of switching to Road Runner will want to consider
this. We have Road Runner BECAUSE of the convenience. Unplugging each time
when not in use....would maybe be a hassle? But I will experiment (Its one
of those --Gee, why didn't I think of that ideas---a good one). Our
habits/time on computer are varied over the summer...sonny boy (17) could be
online anytime day or night (oh yes..doing research). Our software has shown
that the attacks (siren) have been during the day ---that is why I suspect
kids. Matt is figuring the ins and outs of the software now (the most
frequent "intruder" was his computer --that one is now coded as "friendly').
He now has figured out how to find the ISP.

As far as the Spy from Today show? If anyone just wants to hack in and read
my files...see where I am going one the Web...well good for them. They will
learn a lot about art and art education...and if it is my mail! I hope they
enjoy it as much as I do. But...they better bring a cup of coffee with them
and a sandwich cause they will have a LOT to read.

Thanks so much Gary for taking the time to help all of us!

Judith Decker (who is going back to Judy)

(Bunki likes JDeeee but I would never get the number of e's right)... but I
am not happy with Judith...Bible folks will know why I hate that name well as any Judy who ever got in trouble with her
mother...LOL...can you all relate? Now maybe you folks who get confused can
just think "Yes...that is the Judy who doesn't like to be called
Judith"...tee-hee...or "Yes...That is the Judy who writes a book every time
she posts" ..Sorry digest folks ---"as they are posted" folks deleted by
I just scroll past my own stuff anyway...I hate to find my typos!
Hubby and son are watching car races on TV....Talking here is more fun. I
could tell you all about the Vintage Car race yesterday--They sure had fun
while I chatted with my art buddies. Matt even got to drive his MG around
the track in a parade lap (remember Tricks" --the 1974 MGB-GT?)