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Re: cement planter/bench

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Linda Kelty (lckelty)
Sat, 31 Jul 1999 23:49:34 -0400

Heather, This last year I had my 8th grade students create clay relief tiles
of irregular shapes for a diversity mural. We incorporated mirror pieces,
marbles melted in the kiln directly on the kiln wash, shells, polished
stones and crockery fragments. You could have the custodian leave the
concrete a little lower, probably 1/2", then use exterior grade grout to set
the pieces into. You can color the grout with latex or acrylic paint also,
if you want to do an abstract design using colors, maybe a "Starry Night"
version based on Van Gogh's style? If you go to a building supply place,
the grout comes powdered in a bag and needs the acrylic liquid to mix with
it. Works easily on a horizontal surface, harder on the vertical. Keep
water on hand for rinsing yucky fingers and tools. I use rubber spatulas.
I also use zip lock bags, mix the grout and liquid in the bag, snip off one
corner, and apply it like cake frosting. Man, do I get good use out of zip
locks!! 1000 uses for... Linda K.
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From: Heather Leal <rayleal>
To: art <>
Date: Saturday, July 31, 1999 5:05 PM
Subject: cement planter/bench

>I need some ideas. My principal has asked me to complete a project for
>the school, (what's new, right?) It is a middle school in Orange
>County, CA. The school is an enclosed building built in the 1970's. It
>has kind of an open feel to the architecture, typical of the 70's. The
>project involves a large brick planter that is indoors, approx 15 feet
>long, and 3 ft. wide. It is like 3 sides of a rectangle, with the 2
>short sides about 4 ft long . It is made of a rough concrete that
>matches the columns and outside walls of the school. After 30 years of
>unsuccessfully trying to keep plants alive, we have given up. The dirt
>has been taken out and the custodian is going to fill it with cement. It
>is in an area behind a large staircase and is frames a small area used
>for small group activities, and serves as a bench. They want me to have
>students do "something" in the cement. The custodian thought of it, but
>his idea was just to draw in the wet cement. The principal and I would
>like to do something more interesting. That is where I need help... I
>have thought of having the kids paint tiles, make tiles (I only have a
>small electric kiln though, and having a "ceramic plate donation drive",
>breaking them and laying a mosaic. What are your ideas and thoughts, and
>if you have done something like this, your successes and problems?