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Linda Kelty (lckelty)
Sat, 31 Jul 1999 08:21:52 -0400

Hi Everyone. Here is the compilation of member websites that I've received
so far. I think we should visit the sites and support them, sign the guest
book if there is one, and contribute where appropriate. This is another
creative endeavor by art educators that should help us to expand our
knowledge base. I, for one, am impressed. Linda K.
P.S. If some one is working on a site that isn't ready for viewing yet, they
can post it for inclusion later. I've included messages from those
individuals also.
The Incredible Art Dept. has many links at

The Incredible Art Dept. site:
Also, I am happy to accept submissions of lessons, while we still have some
time on our hands before school starts! Also, if you have any images
(digital or scanned) you can email them to me privately, as an attachment,
and I will post (along with a lesson
plan) on the Incredible Art Dept. site.
One-Point Perspective, is now posted. I hope to complete the site in a week
or two. You are invited to visit and comment.

<A HREF="">Drawing in
One-Point Perspective Web Site

Step-by-step instruction for basic one-point perspective drawing is
on this site. The first section is now posted. It presents key concepts in
one-point perspective. More to come.

I have made mention to my site a few times, It has
exhibitions of my work and art and technology projects I have done. I am
completing a one-point perspective tutorial which will be listed on the site
when done. You can preview it at

I am also the webmaster for my state site, Art Educators of NJ,


You know what they say about good intentions? Well, I also have a webpage
that I'd like to share with you and the group (they can be a LOT of work!)
but it's still got a few kinks to work out and I'm not sure where I'm
supposed to install it. Perhaps this will get started on it again. I'll
let you know.
Check out our art department Pages at:

this has student works, and assorted articles. links and teacher helps.

My personal site is at:

This simply links to some of my web sites, my short story, a few accounts of
my Vietnam War experience as an infantryman, and some of my professional
publications, etc.


We at the New York Foundation for the Arts have just launched our new
and improved Web site. Please take some time and check it out, if you're
Specifically, we've been working on a Web site exploring Design Education
and I would really appreciate hearing some of your thoughts/criticisms of
It is most definitely a work in progress and we would like it to be as
useful as possible for arts teachers and any other sorts of teachers who
want to integrate design into their classroom. So, your feedback on this
project would be invaluable.
Sarah B. Lohrius
Program Officer, Education
New York Foundation for the Arts
Phone: (212) 366-6900 x281
Fax: (212) 366-1778
E-mail: lohrius
***Explore NYFA's new website at

A very impressive site and the design is both elegant and user friendly. As
a novice designer and Middle School teacher I will refer back often to your
site as an Exemplary site design.
Woody in Kansas City

I work for a federally funded grant project and our web
site is called Expressive Arts for Young Children with Disabilities.

Check us out at:

The site contains sample activities from our curriculum, ArtExpress, teacher
newsletters, children's art images, plus ideas for adapting materials, and
dates for training available.
Our purpose is to integrate and replicate our ArtExpress curriculum model
into classrooms that serve young children with disabilities. We offer
training to families, teaching staff, and administrators to extend and
enhance their skills in implementing the expressive arts curriculum. We also
are a national resource for adaptive tools and materials to give children
with disabilities successful experiences in the expressive arts.
Judy Potter
Described as a work in progress. I'm sure we'll hear when it is updated and
Sandra Barrick

john barrick

web site was a trial run and I was surprised that I got it
up and running before school was out. Last week I took the Frontpage 98
class from the district and built the start of a site for the school, it has a lot of bugs but it's a start.

The purpose of my personal site is:
1- to give myself and my students a presence on the web (unique and
outside the district server)
2- to have a place to showcase my own art (my watercolors and prints)
3- to have a place to sell items with student art on them (outside
district regulations)
4- to communicate with fellow artists and teachers (from social to
serious, i.e. lesson plans ideas, etc.)
5- to show off my grandkids to the world

Just last week I moved my student photos over to the new school site. That
way it doesn't take up space on my site & I can link them together so the
two sites act as one. I hope the school site is much more than just a fancy
high tech
poster for the school. I want it to be an active site with regular updates
from several staff and students. One teacher is going to have students
working on an online newspaper. I plan to have students research artists
and place the results on the web.

The purpose of the school site is:
1- to showcase our school and it's very diverse student body
2- to provide one place to locate information on staff, curriculum,
sports, activities, etc.
3- to provide a forum for staff to post projects, research, lessons,
4- to provide a place to showcase students in the process of learning
5- to be a living, breathing and growing part of the school that will
display and push excellence

At the end of school last year I observed musical and vocal performances
that I could easily envision being a part of a future web site. I suspect
it will be another year before I work out how to get those sort of video and
aural pieces
onto our web site.
Woody in Kansas City
This E-mail message is from Artist/Teacher Woody Duncan
Rosedale Middle School in Kansas City, Kansas
the new URL for school is
to see my beautiful grandkids Tim, Tess and Tiff click on
to see my students working in the RMSartSTUDIO click on
to contact me via E-mail
click on wduncan
better yet visit my Web Site at
For those who requested it. Here is the URL for "advocate"

If you have any trouble down loading (server is correcting files)
just e-mail me at robprod
Have posted this mini course on "web page" design. Here one more time. Don't
want to be accused of "spamming."
Here are the lessons in sequence order: CAUTION! Tripod is experimenting on
my site. If you have trouble downloading these URL's just CUT and PASTE to a
file, and go on. Try again later in the week. Sorry for the inconvenience,
and welcome to the world of computer program design. Got a1,000 hours?

I have two current sites: and

Good luck,


Stacey Bernstein is putting a new one together and will forward the u.r.l.
as soon as it's in place.
This past year I started a computer art program grades 1-5 and would like
share ideas with other art teachers. We started with one computer, and based
on what the students were abe to acomplish we now have five computers. the
first few projects are on my web site
In response to sharing images: I have been developing a new web site for the
FLORIDA ART EDU ASSO. we are putting together a gallery that
will display our members art, show case outstanding art programs, and share
art education ideas .... while it
is up and running We just started receiving pictures from our members.
M Grossman Faea Technology Chairman
Please note I'm changing my web address today for these list serve messages
to arteach from digartist1


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