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Re: member websites

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wduncan (wduncan)
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 15:25:09 -0500

Linda Kelty wrote:

> How many of you have a web site? Would you be
> willing to share that with the rest of us? How about a brief summary of
> your site and it's purpose along with the u.r.l.. I'll compile them and
> send it out.

"If you build it they will come", well sort of, I told the tech people that
if they gave me an internet line and a computer I would develop a web site.
They did, so I had to learn how to do this stuff. Also I got a no strings
grant last year that I used to buy my i-Mac and stuff at home. It's a real
computer at school (IBM) so I've got to learn both systems, especially if I
want to teach students using the IBM. I hope I have a printer and a scanner in
the classroom when I return. Only a few of my students have computer access at
home, but some do. To better answer your questions, the web site was a trial run and I was surprised that I got it up
and running before school was out. Last week I took the Frontpage 98 class
from the district and built the start of a site for the school, it has a lot of bugs but it's a start.

The purpose of my personal site is:
1- to give myself and my students a presence on the web (unique and outside
the district server)
2- to have a place to showcase my own art (my watercolors and prints)
3- to have a place to sell items with student art on them (outside district
4- to communicate with fellow artists and teachers (from social to serious,
ie lesson plans ideas, etc.)
5- to show off my grandkids to the world

Just last week I moved my student photos over to the new school site. That way
it doesn't take up space on my site & I can link them together so the two sites
act as one. I hope the school site is much more than just a fancy high tech
poster for the school. I want it to be an active site with regular updates
from several staff and students. One teacher is going to have students working
on an online newspaper. I plan to have students research artists and place the
results on the web.

The purpose of the school site is:
1- to showcase our school and it's very diverse student body
2- to provide one place to locate information on staff, curriculum, sports,
activities, etc.
3- to provide a forum for staff to post projects, research, lessons, etc.
4- to provide a place to showcase students in the process of learning
5- to be a living, breathing and growing part of the school that will
display and push excellence

At the end of school last year I observed musical and vocal performances that I
could easily envision being a part of a future web site. I suspect it will be
another year before I work out how to get those sort of video and aural pieces
onto our web site.

Sorry I took so much space, but It helped get my ideas clear as I have to
present to my principal on Monday so she will OK our web site.
Woody in Kansas

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