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...someone's sob story who needs help...long post

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Bunki Kramer (
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 09:27:40 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, friends.....Someone posted this letter to me. I can understand her
frustration but find it hard for me to offer much good, concrete advice
other than an understanding heart. I know serveral of you are in this
itenerant position so maybe you could offer some advice for her. You can
post your message to me and I will forward it on. This art teacher is very
vunerable right now. Thanks........Bunki
>Thank you for posting the funny list!! This kind of thing might be the
>most useful stuff for me posted to the list!!! I am supposed to be
>starting my third year of teaching, and I'm SOOOOOO frustrated I don't know
>if I should or will be able to. Here is my sob story- I'm afraid to post
>to the list because it would have my e-mail address and therefore not be
>truly anonymous. This is strange, but if you feel it is appropriate for the
>list, would you post it to the list without my address? I can't handle any
>more rejection right now, so if you think people on the list would be
>unsympathetic, then don't send it.
> I am scheduled to teach art at 5 SCHOOLS next year, just like this
>previous year!!! The year before was my first year of teaching; I taught
>at 4 schools. I got all sorts of mediocre evaluations from 3 of my 5
>principals, who I never got to know and who were never there to support me.
>One of my principals - who told me he would have recommended my contract
>not be renewed because of my "lack of discipline" - transferred to another
>one of my schools, telling me it would be best if I wasn't assigned there.
>Human resources, in order to schedule me full-time by the end of the school
>year, CREATED a one-day position at this school where it isn't needed.
>STUDENTS in my effort to eliminate this position and get re-assigned to
>ACTUAL one-day and two-day positions opening now. I can't even get the
>phone numbers of other art teachers from the fine arts office or my schools
>to see if they may want to switch their one-days for mine!!!
>I would think the NAEA should be sympathetic, but a local rep that I
>e-mailed wrote back: they are "not able to help you with this sort of
>problem. Our purpose is promote art education (advocacy), to assist
>teachers in improving the quality of art
>education, and to keep the public informed of the arts." Isn't that what I
>asked for: "assistance in improving the quality of art ed"??
>OK, I'm done. This (hopefully!) anonymous forum is very therapeutic for me!
>If interested, read on. Please post to the board if you have any helpful
>advice, or suggestions on who I should or shouldn't send the following
>letter to, since I am not yet tenured. Sorry for the caps- I wanted it to
>be easier to skim over.

> The human resources administrators who place teachers city-wide treat
>art and music teachers like interchangeable robots that can be assigned to
>where they've been for 5-15 years, or how students' educations are
>disrupted. Veteran teachers are cut to four days a week at their schools,
>then in Sept. or Oct. the positions go back to full-time after they have
>moved to another school. Many students (and to a lesser extent teachers)
>become very upset when teachers they've had for their entire school career
>leave, making the job of the incoming teacher, or teachers, even more
> MULTIPLE ART TEACHERS are ROUTINELY ASSIGNED to a school when it isn't
>neccessary. For instance, if a school requires 4 days of art, they could
>be assigned 2, 3, or 4 art teachers on different days. Arts teachers used
>to unfortunately be placed in August; now the pendulum has swung to the
>other extreme, and they are placed before school is out, when the student
>numbers and arts allocations are going to change majorly over the summer.
>POSITIONS ARE INVENTED where they aren't needed, instead of waiting and
>placing the affected teachers into ACTUAL POSITIONS that inevitably open
>during the summer.
> Surprisingly, RECENT GRADUATES with hardly any experience ARE NEWLY
>HIRED every summer FOR CHOICE JOBS, teaching art at one school in an art
>room. Our art "supervisor" downtown claims she has no influence in the
>placement of art teachers, but she sent out a list of potential new hires
>to principals, before school ended and all itenerants and involuntary
>transfers were even placed !!!!!!!
> I don't expect a handout or a great position on a silver platter,
>but I was led to believe you just had to "get your foot in the door" and it
>But I was wrong: there is NO ADVOCACY OR SUPPORT to get these LOYAL,
>to give ALL our students the BEST education we can.

Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526

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