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Re: Public money and Private School

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Tue, 27 Jul 1999 21:47:59 EDT

In a message dated 7/27/99 1:18:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
KtownLady writes:

> Is it my imagination or do the private schools get
> a higher percentage of kids from families that value education?
It's a tough question. I teach in a private school and make about $10,000 a
year less than Public teachers. But my kids are grown and we are finished
with the college bit so I can afford the drop in salary. It's a trade off for
more control with the students. But it is not perfect.
We get kids that other schools don't want. Ours will take ADD and LD kids and
even kids that got into trouble in the public schools. Remarkably, they turn
around due to the smaller classes and individual attention. Many private
schools will only take advanced students and are more like Preparatory
schools. Generally, the parents do value education or they wouldn't be
willing to spend the bucks. In my area, tuition ranges from about $350-450 a
month per child. Some of the exclusive schools have a tuition of $14,000 a
year! You can be sure that those parents are interested in what their kids
learn and they have their eye in the Ivy League Schools.

The control factor is that we can expel the really non-compliant ones. We
ahve no law enforcement officers on campus and don't need them. Parents get
on their kids cases when they have suspensions and the kids shape up. THAT is
the PLUS,


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