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Re: paper mache sarcophagi

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Dianna (dmammone)
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 15:55:08 -0400

One thing I noticed was that the kids got lazy about putting three coats on
for strength. So I made them alternate newspaper with plain newsprint
paper. It made it easier for me to count their rows.
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Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 1999 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: paper mache sarcophagi

> Angela,
> Ross Art Paste is good stuff for papier mache.
> I get it from my District warehouse, but it is also available from the Sax
> catalogue. It comes as dried powder in a pack, one pack per gallon of
> water. This stuff is cool as it can be pre-made and stays for a while.
> is basically clear when "gooified." (I prefer it over the wallpaper paste
> used to buy at the hardware store)
> I mix it up in one gallon plastic ice cream tubs (our staff kitchen
> produces them from the some sweet toothed colleagues).
> Anyway, the tubs are great because they have lids for storing the "goo,"
> and the opening is big enough that the tub also serves as the per-group
> dispenser.
> Have the kids put down newspaper under the really cuts down
> table scrubbing.
> Also, you might consider pre-cutting the strips of paper for the
> kids...although sixth graders could do it for themselves...before their
> hands get too gooey. Preparation, preparation, we do it, so can they! ;-)
> I learned this from my elmentary school cooperative teacher while student
> teaching: after the layers of newspaper mache are on there, add a "clean"
> layer of newsprint mache... it makes for an evenly toned, brighter surface
> for painting, or otherwise finishing up.
> Then there is storage...hopefully you've got shelves for that.
> Enjoy, sounds like a fun schoolwide unit!
> -Stacey B.
> At 1:29 AM -0400 7/27/99, Angela Conger wrote:
> >All,
> > Hello everyone! I have recently subscribed, and as a second year
> >arts teacher...I am seeking some advice. Each year our sixth grade
> >students, like many others, study Ancient Egypt. Our faculty works
> >and the culminating event is a student museum. This year, I want to take
> >the sarcophagi a few steps farther. I have three classes of sixth
> >(approx. 25 students per class), and they will be split groups. I plan
> >using papier-mache and sturdy cardboard/posterboard for the sarcophagi.
> >Each group will create a two foot sarcophagus (Last year, we made life
> >two-dimensional designs). I have never made/used paper mache in my
> >classroom. Do you have any ideas as to how I can make things run as
> >smoothly as possible, clean-up procedures, etc.? I don't want a project
> >with great learning potential to turn into a great big mess! Beside my
> >classroom I have a large sink and cleaning facilities. However, I have
> >seventh and eighth grade students throughout the day and I will not be
> >to do paper mache with them. What advice do you have in regards to paper
> >mache procedures? Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will
> >appreciate it! -----Angela
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