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Re: Public money and Private School

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Ckart (ckupcin)
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 09:51:38 -0600

Hi Christine

I think it (salary) all depends on the region. I know someone in Texas,
who as a first year teacher, earned $16K in a private school. But, the
school also provided rent free housing and meals.

In my district (public school, Nebraska), I believe the starting salary is
around $23K. This is lower than some of our neighboring states, and much
lower than East/West coast schools. Of course, some would say our cost of
living (housing) is much lower than either coast.

What really bugs me is the practice of some states/districts in hiring
experienced teachers. If you have beyond 5 years (outside of their state
or district) you are penalized in the form of a hiring salary cap. That
is, the district will only give you credit for up to five years on their
salary schedule. This also affects retirement benefits.

Unlike the business community who is rewarded for experience and relocates
for additional salary and benefits, teachers appear lose their niche if
they seek mobility in their careers.

Just a thought.


Christine wrote:
> Just because I am curious, what is the beginning pay for a teacher in
>a public school compared to a private school?
> I ask this because every time I have looked at private and charter
>schools, I would have to take such a cut in pay, it was like taking a vow of
>poverty. If I was independently wealthy or had a spouse who could make up the
>difference, I would try a private school. As a single parent, I do have to
>pay attention to the paycheck.
> Another thought... Public schools have zero control over the raw
>material, i. e. background of children (and more important, parental
>commitment to education). Is it my imagination or do the private schools get
>a higher percentage of kids from families that value education?
>Christine Merriam
>Kayenta Intermediate School