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Re: Clip Art for Professionals?

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ricki fromkin (fromkinr)
Mon, 26 Jul 1999 17:31:16 -0400

Bob Beeching wrote:
> Ricki wrote:
> "As a Graphic Designer who doesn't possess the strongest drawing
> ability,
> I still consider myself a good artist. Using clip-art (or copy-right
> free visuals) allows some artists to get their message across more
> efficiently and more successfully visually. Depending on what the
> person is using the clip-art for, I se absolutely nothing wrong in
> using
> it as a design tool."
> Bob replies:
> Have we missed a point here?
> Children are not "professional" graphic designers with deadlines to
> meet. By allowing children to include "clip art" in their original
> compositions, and allowing them to say: "I did this," tends to put
> one's integrity to question. Teachers who allow children to use "clip
> art" as part of an original visual statement, contribute little toward
> a child's notions of morality.
> If - on the other hand - one uses "clip art" as an embellishment for
> say, a writing, social studies, or history assignment, and
> acknowledges the source in print, i.e. graphics source from Geographic
> Issue #, 1999, then that student is following the protocol of a
> legitimate researcher.
> This practice tends to cut down on the appalling amount of plagiarism
> found in student-submitted work from grade 7 through college levels of
> instruction.
> ___________________________________________________________rb
Are you sure I was the one who missed the point? All I'm basically
saying is there are many other elements in an original composition
besides an original illustration. As I stated before, I believe there is
a right time and place for an art student to use clip-art. I don't
believe it should replace learning how to do things. It was designed (I
believe) as an aid to help people who are not strong illustrators, and
if used in that fashion it can become a valuable tool in the design