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Sun, 25 Jul 1999 16:41:52 EDT

Concerning school vouchers, it seems to me the taxpayers who insist they
deserve vouchers so they are not "double-taxed" are completely missing the
point. We all have the right to send our children to a private school; I'm
glad we have that right. However, everyone has the collective obligation to
see that our nation's children are educated. That's why we have public
schools. That's why they're not called private schools.

It's ridiculous to think that because they chose to educate their own
children somewhere else that they no longer have to pitch in their share of
the obligation to see that all children are educated. Even those who chose to
have no children are helping to support public education. By giving vouchers,
you are releasing people from their portion of that obligation we all share.
This is a separate obligation from that of doing what you feel is right for
your own children.

Those who believe public schools are not doing the children right have an
added obligation of trying to improve them. That can come from their own
efforts or from the persons they vote into office. You can't just remove your
financial support from any items you don't agree with. Our government is not
on a cafeteria plan.


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