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Re: Public money and Private School (LONG)

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 13:10:51 -0400

Gae Kane wrote:
> Yes, I know there are excellent hardworking teachers in the public sector
> and bad teachers in the private schools, but this not the issue behind
> choice. Parents should have the right to select what is best for their
> child and apply their tax dollar to that school. Remember not all private
> schools educate the wealthy, rather many families are forced to choose and
> sacrifice, so their child can attend a private school.

This is exactly what my husband and I do. We have sacrificed a lot
to educate our children in a small private school. Our tax dollars
go to the public schools too. How many of you are almost 40 have one
10 year old car and don't own a home? We made the decision, because
I think showing children what is morally right and what a person is
willing to sacrifice for their kids is a great example. However I am
a heavy duty volunteer- for our school as well as the public school
nearby. I find that volunteering sends a message even if my kids
don't attend the public school. How come more of their parents
aren't doing the same? How come they are not involved in their PTO.
IT's funny because there are two public elementary schools nearby. I
volunteer and will also be their artist in residence (paid) at the
multi ethnic school. It is where I think the affluent whites who are
morally conscious and socially aware send their kids. The other
public grade school is where the affluent whites who are snobs and
kids are very obnoxious brats go. I know this first hand as I have
taught in the nearby preschool so see many of the same kids which go
to different schools and have siblings in them. They have actually
had parents get in debates about how they could send their kids to
"That" school, meaning because it is racially mixed and poorer
people. In their words "Don't you have a lot of kids crossing over
from Madison"- This is a street which is a dividing line (basically
a train track mentality). So again this is an example of how good a
school can be with kids who care about their school and parents,
teachers and administration working together.