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Public money and Private School

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Gae Kane (missmolly)
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 03:11:38 -0400

Seems to me that the students in most private schools have parents who pay
the taxes which support the public school...remember they have a right to
decide where their tax dollars go too. This may be an oversimplification of
a very difficult tax and educational issue
but choice has always been the underlying issue for our country.

I have spent most of my 24 years teaching in the private sector and have
repeatedly had students with educational and physical difficulties. We
often get the children who the public schools can't deal with so the
argument that the public school will become a dumping ground doesn't hold

Many private schools do a better job because they focus on the basics,
don't try every new thing that comes along, and they work very hard to
maintain excellent educational standards. Our school may not have
everything flashing and new, we may have to maintain our own classrooms,
but we do focus on curriculum, work hard together as educators, stay in
close contact with our parents, and maintain high academic standards. We
offer scholarships, fund raise constantly, and make do, fix, and use up
what we have. Sometimes imagination on the part of the teacher, working
with the best interests of the students, does more.

Back to my first point, I've paid school taxes and continue to pay them,
but my children all went to private schools. We have had no say in how
these taxes were spent. As a matter of fact, the one time we asked for help
from the public school for our oldest son, who was LD, they said no he
couldn't receive any assistance. We sued and won. Public school said send
him to Good Will they may be able to help him. We didn't listen. Private
schools not only gave him an excellent education but prepared him for
college. He graduated with honors, went to Penn State, and is now running a
multimillion dollar business! Public schools do fail.

Yes, I know there are excellent hardworking teachers in the public sector
and bad teachers in the private schools, but this not the issue behind
choice. Parents should have the right to select what is best for their
child and apply their tax dollar to that school. Remember not all private
schools educate the wealthy, rather many families are forced to choose and
sacrifice, so their child can attend a private school.

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