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Re: school vouchers

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Sun, 25 Jul 1999 02:33:08 EDT

In a message dated 7/24/99 11:28:52 PM EST, bahall writes:

<< When are legislators going to realize that they can not bail out on
sorry this is sort of disjointed. This subject makes me really angry. >>

Well, a lot of it makes me angry too.
Mostly because people accept the so-called studies that they are fed and
don't take the time or trouble to look into the backgrounds and agendas of
those who feed it to them.
There is an old Chinese saying from the time of the Opium Wars when foreign
ships controlled the Chinese ports. It goes something like this; "If you
really want to know what's happening, don't read the notice boards, go count
the ships in the harbor."
In other words, do your own research.
Here are a few facts:
The political right wing views the education system as a block of lefties out
to get them.
They really want to disestablish it.
Most enemies of public education are rightist.
People should really look into the political agendas of those who publish
critiques of the education system.
The public education system works for most people most of the time.
Most parents feel satisfied with their own school.
The horror stories come mostly from inner cities where the tax paying
population has fled to the suburbs leaving behind the desperate and
And people in education should read their own history. The reasons and ideals
upon which it was formed were toward leveling the playing field, and against
forming false social strata.
Societies in other countries, (and I speak from personal experience) that
have private school systems vs. public schools, are societies that preserve
just the kind of social stratification that this country is supposed to be
against...(or have we started yearning for that kind of smug snobbery)?

In a Democracy where every one votes (or should), the level of government is
only as high as the level of the education and knowledge of the people who
vote. Public schools are the foundation of a democratic society, they should
be nurtured and supported by every citizen, and not be used as a political
Sadly there are a lot of people who "know the price of everything and the
value of nothing," and so to them value means a price tag, consequently
anything that is apparently 'free' like public education appears to have no