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school vouchers

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Barbara Hall (bahall)
Sat, 24 Jul 99 23:36:53 -0600 Central Daylight Time

Okay I will try to keep my comments brief and try not to cuss. As a third
generation public school teacher and a product of the public school system
I agree we all need to be more aware of what our state governments etc.
are doing to our schools. I know people put their kids in private schools
for many reasons. What I want to tell parents who jerk their kids out of
public schools because they don't like the administration or they don't
think the school is effective...GET INVOLVED...make some noise, instead of
running from the problems try to make changes. There are tons of kids
whose parents are not going to pursue vouchers, etc. Those kids will just
wallow in a crumbling educational system. Also in my opinion, you can give
a kid a voucher that will get him into a private school but many times
this will not be a pleasant experience for the kid. Is this kid driving a
jeep to school every day? Is this kid going to Colorado for Christmas?
No, they are coming from their low to lower middle class background
oftentimes into a world that will not accept them. I realize that I have
made some sweeping generalizations but I know some of this has to ring
true. When are legislators going to realize that they can not bail out on
sorry this is sort of disjointed. This subject makes me really angry.

Amanda Linn

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