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Fwd: vouchers vs public schools (delete if not interested)

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Sat, 24 Jul 1999 18:49:46 EDT

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Subject: Re: vouchers vs public schools (delete if not interested)
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The Texas State Legislators have been looking at Vouchers fairly seriously.

I have taught as many years in a private setting as I have a Public setting...

Voucher proponents state: that is costs dramatically less per student in a
private setting Vs public setting.
What they do not take into account is that public schools are required to
teach everyone. Special needs children, plus HS extra curricular, enhanced
subjects run the costs up dramically, none of which the private sector
Voucher statistics just aren't showing improved test scores of low
performing, low income children.
Students who do go to private schools do better statistically but is it
because a parent paying.....means greater involvement...or a parent willing
to fight for scholarship? Overall statistics of higher income children in
public schools are just as high.
The Texas plan..which failed, was going to continue giving some money to the
school district and still provide money to the private school....why not just
give the extra money to the school and make class sizes smaller?

Does the private sector want regulation by the public sector? I think not.
Should funds be given them...without the red tape and hoops that the public
sector has to go through? IF the public sector had less red tape...would we
do better? I don't know.

If money does become available for private schools...what do you think will
happen...we will have a stream of private schools popping up to reap the
money...with no accountability.
Just some thoughts.