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Re: vouchers vs public schools

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henry taylor (taylorh)
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 15:02:31 -0700

>He is also worried about the fact that the private schools, be they
>religious, or academic, usually have the ability to 'chuck' kids out
>when they don't meet their rigourous requirements,

This is true in my experience, San D. (Servicing ADHD students is
expensive. Almost everyone of I knew didn't make it to be Seniors) But, I
suspect it won't be true for long. Parents being increasingly litigation

>and the public schools will end up being the repository of those students.

This one flopps. The public schools dump kids by the truck load. (But
without much fuss. If you want to find the kids who fall through the public
"cracks" visit the charter schools. In this part of the world at least, most
of them are packed with the cast-offs. For every kid kicked out of a private
school expect 20 or more from the public sector.

Nah, the public schools won't become the repository of the private school
bad boys. BUT if they were they'd be bad boys who were getting A's when they
wanted to without breaking a sweat. ZERO challenge. I've been through it.
Kids who go to private school are generally being pushed to excel to some
degree. Parents show up to the open ALL houses. Very active parents. Wanna
keep track of the money dontcha know. (never met a "rich headmaster" either)
Even the so-called "lazy" ones (having been one and having a similarly
afflicted son I know) are doing something and are dealing with expctations
they can't escape.

And when you think about it if all the bad kids WERE put in the public
schools in any urban area (and considering the relative proportion of
enrolled kids in each sector-pub and pvt) that'd be maybe two per school...
Not a HUGE impact, I'd say.