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Re: sketchbooks

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lindacharlie (lindacharlie)
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 12:52:25 -0500

Jackie Aust Billingsley wrote:
> ...I have convinced the district and the other art teachers that
> sketchbooks should be required
> Ideas on how your students make sketchbooks, are they purchased or
> bought?

Jackie and others interested in sketchbooks:
I just visited the ArtsEdNet Talk archives search page at

If you type in the word sketchbook and search just the archives you will
find 246 entries having to do with sketchbooks. This is not meant to
discourage anyone from submitting more information. It just seems that
some folks don't know about the archives.
Just to clarify my earlier request, I am hoping those who have
responded in the past with sketchbook assignments, as well as those who
haven't, will send a list (to me personally rather than ArtsEdNet) of
the successful assignments they use. (That would be assignments for
students to do in the sketchbook once they HAVE it rather than MAKING a
sketchbook.) I'm hoping to avoid having to go through all 246 messages
in the archives! I'll compile the assignments by grade level (don't
forget to indicate that please!)and post to the list.
To respond to Jackie's question about making or buying sketchbooks, I
plan on my 700 elem students making them with 8.5x11 copier paper and
posterboard covers. If we can't get reams of paper already 3 hole
punched, I'm going to ask the district printing dept. to drill some
reams for me. Also, the ISD and probably the printing dept. too, has an
electric knife which we can use to cut large quantities of paper/poster
board. I can get a parent volunteer to do that job if printing can't.
All I need now are the assignments! I'm counting on all you brilliant
art teachers...
Linda in unbearably muggy Michigan