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Re: sketchbooks

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R.E.William Loring (bcloring)
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 08:04:41 -0700

In my school, every student in an art class has a sketchbook. In beginning
classes tyhe assignments echo the concepts the students are
learning...practicing contour, using different types of line, etc. they
have a weekly assignment, as well as keeping track of some in class
technical stuff and the writes we do....the studio or advanced kids keep the
sketchbooks as process journals...all their class notes, thumbnails, pre
assignment work, personal sketching etc goes in them. The sketchbooks go
from art class to art class...they plurchase them. Once in awhile i will
find a big sale and resell my incredible bargains to them. There is paper
and tagboard or old recyled folders for kids who do not want to pop for the
sketchbooks. The end product is 25% of their grade. We expect a couple
hours of work a week in them.
At the end of the semester there are never leftovers in class the kids have
a lot of pride in the visible progress they have made....
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From: Jackie Aust Billingsley <jab1997>
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Date: Thursday, July 22, 1999 6:04 AM
Subject: sketchbooks

>I too would like to see imput on sketchbook ideas. Beginning this year,
>I have convinced the district and the other art teachers that
>sketchbooks should be required by all art students as a final
>evaluation. To have imput from this group would be greatly appreciated.
>Ideas on how your students make sketchbooks, are they purchased or