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Thu, 22 Jul 1999 10:48:25 EDT

In a message dated 7/21/99 11:31:56 PM EST, writes:
<< Art helps us to find a vehicle with which to speak when no 'traditional'
means allows us a comprehensive enough avenue to express ourselves fully. A
problem solved!

Art gives us a springboard to explore new and unguessed at places within
ourselves, keeping alive the wonder of that which we call life. A problem
solving process!

Art provides us with a road map with which to navigate the world we live in
and find our own sense of reality as we traverse it. A problem solving

Art supplies us with the tools to celebrate that which we find beautiful,
and to, in turn, attempt to try and create our own beauty. A problem solving

Art challenges people to understand and appreciate both our universality and
diversity, giving us a much wider lens through which to view the human
experience. >> A problem solving process!

discovering - Part of the process of problem solving and learning in a
problem solving manner.

Art is a problem solving process. If we teach art, we just naturally teach
the problem solving process. Which may help us in math, but it most certainly
makes getting through the rest of life much easier. Step by step, monkey see
monkey do lessons do not provide the same benefit.

Problem solving is not just a mathematical process.