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Sun, 18 Jul 1999 18:35:58 EDT

Some students may enjoy
design and color mixing, but hate to draw and they will be very successful.
The is so much more to art.

I honestly don't see how students who are taught a well balanced curriculum
in visual arts could end up hating to draw. It may end up not being their
greatest skill. But, I think something is really wrong if they end up hating
it. That reminds me of students hating math. The only time I approached
hating math was the two years in school that I had teachers who only turned
pages in the curriculum or book. I don't remember either one of them ever
really explaining how any of the math was done. One that I had was
particularly upset when I did the problems in my head and just wrote down the
answer. I performed this task for her to witness and still she had fits
because I didn't want to show her that I knew THE way to do it. And for good
reason. I couldn't do it that way. The math in question was very simple and I
"saw" the solutions and "knew" the answers. Even tho she had witnessed me
doing it, she did not believe it was possible. I hated that year in
particular. I think that was seventh grade. But I had good teachers after
that who at least explained THE way to do it. I wasn't forced to come up with
my own way. I didn't upset anyone else.
Are some of us guilty of making kids draw but not really teaching them how?
No wonder they hate it. And before anyone goes whonkers, I do not mean THE
WAY to draw. I know that there are many successful approaches. That is
exactly my point.