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Re: drawing as a skill

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henry taylor (taylorh)
Sun, 18 Jul 1999 11:06:37 -0700

>So, it's not a drawing problem after all. It's something psychological
isn't it? Like
>convincing folks that what comes easily to them--for example when they say:
"You like
>that? Why that's nothing---that's the thing I do all the time!" That the
>*thing* they do so well, so effortlessly, in a sense is what they really
are as
>individuals; as artists.

Something psychological. Yes, we have such a hard time accepting ourselves
just as we are. "I'm not worthy" -- "I'm not good enough" become ubiquitous
mantra. We have this huge obsession with "Good-ness." Sometimes we even
attempt to argue that if it isn't "good" it isn't "the real thing." A
massive fallacy if I've ever seen one. Like trying to cut the negative pole
off the magnet. The value of the "Bad" being a risk taken. And another and
another persistantly aiming towardss the gold. And getting closer.

The absence of "Bad" is a 'no show' condition a concession of loss without
playing the game. It represents a belief that it is better not to do a thing
than it is to fail in the attempt. It means that there is no lesson or value
to be gained in failing. That being able to perceive the flaw will in now
way help in the attempt to avoid it in the future. And so here will be no

I made a big effort last semester to get my kids to appreciate the value of
failure. I could have done more and next semester, in a new school I promise
that I will. Failure cannot be left to stand on its own. It must be linked
to correction. Failure is guaranteed just like death and taxes. But, unlike
death (and eventually taxes), you can always take another swat at the
thing.and correct the aim. Failure is only the first small step in making
that correction, in eventually getting it right.

Failure is equivalent to Success! The opposite of them is inaction and
surrender.. A failure can still get you an A and never an F. Not making the
attempt can eventually earn you an F.

I've noticed that a lot of Japanese Literature and Film concerns failure.
Maybe it's a Romanitic view but there is glory in making the attempt in the
face of certain failure.

We're too focused on being #1 to see it.