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henry taylor (taylorh)
Sat, 17 Jul 1999 15:46:49 -0700

Bob wrote:

>>" Give the same brush to an American second grader, and most like he or
>will scrub with it. Asian children learn to draw remarkably well simply
>because their language communication skills rely on their ability to

My point was that, as I understand it, part of what helps Asian kids to
succeed is that they are relying on and indeed CAN rely on language and on
linguistic centers in the brain to support their drawing. They are thinking
when draeing with a part of the brain that supports grammar and rules for
the connection of parts. Something that we westerners must learn "the hard

Its a poor comparison: skill in making patterns with a phisiologically
inherent grammar against skill in making "noise" requiring additional
training to form patterns as easily.


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>From: RWilk85411 <RWilk85411>

>><< Hand a brush to a Japanese or Chinese child and their brain shifts into
>>the same modality as is used for writing and language. A very different
>>experience for the non-asian child who is all prepared only to "make
>>-- don't you think? That may be a difference to tak into account in
>>explaining the difference in skill. >>

>>I believe that point was the development of a skill common among those
>>people. I think any rational person would compare that with the similar
>skill of making marks among our culture.