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Thu, 15 Jul 1999 15:44:31 -0400

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For those of you brave enough to check this out, I recommend getting on
this list if you aren't already...every month I get notices like this
one, and there are so many resources they alert you to.

San D

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MORE THAN 35 new federal educational resources have been added
to FREE, the website that makes hundreds of learning resources
from more than 40 federal agencies available -- & searchable
-- in one place.

Below are titles, descriptions, & sponsoring agencies of
recently added resources.

Visit the FREE website & "What's New" area:

Your feedback is invited:

New Resources Added to the FREE Website
(Federal Resources for Educational Excellence)
July 1999

Educational technology

"Classroom of the Future Program" introduces the Center for
Educational Technologies at Wheeling Jesuit University in West
Virginia. The site provides links to 4 educational CD-ROMs
covering the solar system, the universe, long-term space
habitation, & world-wide environmental problems. (NASA)

Health & Safety

"Children Youth & Families Education & Research Network" links to
practical, research-based information on children, youth, &
families & draws on the resources from universities across the
country. Topics include child & youth development, parenting &
family information, research reports, evaluation tools,
bibliographies, & more. (DOA)

"FDA's Kid's Page" offers a food safety quiz, specific pages for
teens & parents, & an introduction to Yorick, the bionic skeleton
created to demonstrate how medical devices work. (FDA)

"National Network for Child Care" provides over 1,000 publications
& resources related to child care & "Kidcare," an e-mail listserv
for communicating nationally & internationally with people who care
about children & child care. The site also gives a directory of
specialists in child care & several online newsletters. (DOA)

"National Network for Health" is a comprehensive source for
hundreds of sites on nutrition, exercise, mental & emotional
health, safety, environmental issues, & other health issues. (DOA)

"NIDA Goes to School" (National Institutes on Drug Abuse) features
teaching packets on "The Neurobiology of Drug Addiction," research
reports, & how the brain responds to drugs. (NIH)

"Project KNOW" offers information on how students can stay drug-
free. Visitors can access National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
television, radio, & print advertisements, & read stories about the
negative effects that drugs have had on families & friends.

"Severe Weather Safety Guide" offers general advice on staying safe
during tornadoes, flash floods, lightning, winter storms, &
hurricanes. (NOAA)

"Tornado Safety Tips Brochure" describes atmospheric conditions
which precipitate tornadoes, how to prepare for them, & how to
mitigate damage caused by them. (FEMA)


"Hands-On" presents 10 teaching modules on the human dimensions of
global change. Examples are "Living in the Biosphere," "The
Geography of Greenhouse Gas Emissions," & "Global Change &
Urbanization in Latin America." (NSF)

"Mystic Mars" features dozens of photographs & accompanying text
about the Red Planet, Pathfinder, Global Surveyor equipment. (NASA)

"Plants & Animals in U.S. National Parks" is guide to the parks'
plants & animals which uses drawings by 4th & 5th graders in
Fairfax County, VA.

"The Whole Frog Project" allows students to perform a virtual
dissection of a frog (no blood or formaldehyde smell!) & uses data
from high resolution MRI imaging, 3D surface & volume rendering
software to visualize the anatomical structure of animals. (DOE)

Social studies

"An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides & Other
Printed Ephemera" presents posters, notices, advertisements,
proclamations, leaflets, propaganda, manifestos, & business cards
from the American Revolution, slavery, the western land rush, the
Civil War, woman suffrage, & the Industrial Revolution. (LOC)

"The Arctic Studies Center" provides resources on museum
exhibitions, including Viking expeditions, the Kennewick man
controversy, masks & dances of the various Indian groups, & native
animals. (NMNH,SI)

"Black Canyon/Curecanti Outreach Education" is for ordering
material which describe the joint Black Canyon of the Gunnison
National Monument & Curecanti National Recreation Area Outreach
Education Program. Materials contain video & instructional
materials for teachers taking their classes to the 2 Colorado
parks. (NPS)

"The Black Heritage Trail Map" is a map of a 1.6 mile guided tour
in Boston. The site contains links to 12 residences, meeting
houses, schools, & monuments. It includes information about the
Underground Railroad, biographies of famous fugitive slaves from
Boston, & a timeline of Abolitionist activity. (NPS)

"Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection" features catalog entries &
images for 102 of the 1,650 flutes & other related material,
including books, music, & patents in the collection. The site
shows 5 flutes & gives an introduction to the flute as well as a
discussion of common misconceptions. (LOC)

"The Department of Anthropology at the Smithsonian" offers
guidebooks & source directories on many topics in anthropology,
with special concentrations on archeology & Native Americans. The
site also contains directories of organizations & periodicals
dealing with anthropology. There are links to further material on
the Smithsonian's work & exhibitions in this area. (NMNH,SI)

"Educator's Guide, Vicksburg National Military Park" is a guide for
teachers taking their students to the site of the important Civil
War campaign. The guide brings to bear the viewpoints of the arts,
language arts, mathematics, science, & social studies as they
pertain to this campaign. (NPS)

"Historic American Sheet Music, 1850-1920" presents 3,000 pieces of
sheet music drawn from a collection at Duke University. The
selection covers a variety of music types including bel canto,
minstrel, protest, plantation, & sentimental songs, as well as
songs from vaudeville & tin pan alley. The collection is
particularly strong in antebellum Southern music, confederate
imprints, & Civil War songs & music. (LOC)

"The Holocaust: A Learning Site for Students" is designed for
middle & secondary level students & teachers. It uses text,
historical photographs, maps, artifacts, audio clips & a timeline
from 1933-1945 to provide an overview of the Holocaust. (USHMM)

"Map Collections: 1544-1996" has thousands of digitized online
maps. The collections are broken into 7 categories: cities &
towns, conservation & environment, discovery & exploration,
immigration & settlement, military battles & campaigns,
transportation & communication, & general maps. (LOC)

"Oliphant's Anthem" commemorates the recent acquisition of 60
cartoon drawings, sketchbooks, & illustrations of one of America's
most popular editorial cartoonists. This exhibition documents
Oliphant's efforts to refine his style through prints, painting, &
sculpture. (LOC)

"Olympic's Kid Link" consists of 2 brief quizzes for elementary
school children about the wilderness in general & the National Park
in Washington State in particular. (NPS)

"Origins of American Animation" offers 21 animated films & 2
fragments, which span the years 1900 to 1921. The films include
clay, puppet, & cut-out animation, as well as pen drawings. They
point to a connection between newspaper comic strips & early
animated films, as represented by Keeping Up With the Joneses,
Krazy Kat, & The Katzenjammer Kids. (LOC)

"Places in the News" gives maps of a geographic locations currently
in the news. Currently, there are maps for Kosovo, the Balkans, &
the Koreas. (LOC)

"Schoolyard Landscape Exploration: Finding a Landscape" is an
observation-based activity that uses the schoolyard to increase
student awareness of what is in a landscape. (NPS)

"South Texas Border, 1900-1920: Photographs for the Robert Runyon
Collection" consists of over 8,000 items, including glass
negatives, lantern slides, nitrate negatives, prints, & postcards,
representing the life's work of commercial photographer Robert
Runyon (1881-1968). His photographs document the history &
development of South Texas & the border, including the Mexican
Revolution, the U.S. military presence at Fort Brown around World
War I, & the growth & development of the Rio Grande Valley. (LOC)

"Teacher's Corner at Badlands National Park" is a guide to visiting
the South Dakota park & a series of classroom activities that teach
about the park. (NPS)

"Teaching With Time Capsules" is a classroom exercise for building
a time capsule & registering it with the International Time Capsule
Society in Atlanta. The site gives instructions on what to include
& exclude from the capsule, what to make or buy for putting the
capsule together, & how to register it. (CMRE,SI)

"The Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress" contains
over 20,000 digitized images of various letters, memoranda, notes,
& drafts of documents, books, papers, letters, & manuscripts of the
third President, as well as correspondence, commonplace books,
financial account books, & manuscripts. The installment deals with
Jefferson's general correspondence, dating from 1621-1789, &
documents relating to Virginia history, from 1606-1737. (LOC)

"William P. Gottlieb: Photographs for the Golden Age of Jazz"
includes 2,000 digital images taken by writer-photographer William
P. Gottlieb. From 1938-1948, the "Golden Age of Jazz," swing
reached its peak & modern jazz developed. While on assignment for
the Washington Post, Down Beat magazine, & Record Changer, Gottlieb
photographed & interviewed jazz pioneers primarily in Washington,
D.C., & New York City. (LOC)

"Wind Cave Environmental Education" presents materials for each of
the grades 1-6 & combined for grades 7-8 for prospective visitors
to the Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota. (NPS)

"The Work of Charles & Ray Eames: A Legacy of Invention" brings
together the sources of the Eameses' inspiration, the personal
documents of their lives, & the finished products of their work.
According to the exhibit, "Charles & Ray Eames practiced design at
its most virtuous & its most expansive. From the 1940s to the
1970s, their furniture, toys, buildings, films, exhibitions, &
books aimed to improve society -- not only functionally, but
culturally & intellectually as well." The Eames chair is only the
best known of their designs. (LOC)

CMRE,SI -- Center for Materials Research & Education, Smithsonian
DOA -- Department of Agriculture
DOE -- Department of Energy
FDA -- Food & Drug Administration
FEMA -- Federal Emergency Management Agency
LOC -- Library of Congress
NASA -- National Aeronautics & Space Administration
NIH -- National Institutes of Health
NMNH,SI -- National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian
NOAA -- National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
NPS -- National Park Service
NSF -- National Science Foundation
ONDCP,WH -- Office of National Drug Control Policy, White House
USHMM -- U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

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