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Re: Art history/lesson plans/high school level

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Tue, 13 Jul 1999 09:25:01 EDT

In a message dated 7/12/99 12:03:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
felsecker writes:

> If any of you have any lesson plan ideas (for high school
> covering Beg. Art, Drawing I, Painting I, Design I) that can go
> hand-in-hand with art history presentations on Renaissance Art (Italian and
> Northern Europe) and also the later groups of the Fauves, Impressionists,
> Surrealists, and inclusion of Hopper, Wyeth, and Homer, I'd be very
> interested.

This is a lot of work. When I want to use an artist from history with a
media presentation, I like to start with the media that I have and then think
of a period or artist that I could use as a jumping off place.

The impressionists are a good start. I like to do a few days of talk, slides
and lecture on the Impressionist movement. They are given many resource
books and I ask them to fill out a questionnaire on style, content and people
of this period. Next they must decide on a favorite artist and painting of
that artist. When this is done they are to find resource material that would
be the next logical painting in the series of works that they were taken
with. Such as the ballet dancers of Degas. The student makes sketches of
the different poses from different paintings or brings in pictures of modern
dancers, creates a composition that would be in line with Degas' style and
then sketches the outlines of the composition on newsprint.

With the designs complete, transfer the finished composition onto
Illustration board (cold press) and use Craypas (oil pastel) to do a
Drawing/painting of the work as if they were Degas using the style paint
strokes, colors and values. We use tortillons, cotton balls, Q-tips, paint
thinner, and good old pressure to lay done layers of pastel and blend with
the tools/or thinner to create the illusion of an original Impressionist oil
painting. These have been very successful and many students have sold them
because they look great framed and give the feeling of the impressionists.
This also makes them get very personal with the artist they chose and they
become a little expert on their artist.

As a side note, we share our works with the French 4 class and they have a
unit on the French Impressionist era. The teacher displays the works in her
class and the students must indentfy which artist did a certain picture and
see if they were able to recognize the style or subject matter that made that
artist unique.

I also do assignments with Cubism, Surrealism, Warhol, Gothic stained glass,
Illuminations, and Hopi Indian Kachina dolls. It would be very long to write
about each one. Try to think of ways that you can do a work with the media
you have and your own expertise so that the movement is more than just a
lecture on history but an experience with the style and thinking of that

Ken Schwab
San Jose CA