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Sewing with little ones

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Sat, 10 Jul 1999 15:33:15 EDT

Our town, Arcanum, Ohio, celebrated it's sesquicentennial this year and I
taught a unit about nineteenth century crafts to all of my elementary
students . First grade learned about samplers. I gave them a piece of burlap
and we pulled out five threads from each side for a boarder. I showed them
how to do a running stitch using a tapestry needle that I had threaded and
knotted with red, white or blue yarn. Then I let them go for it.

Second grade also learned about samplers, created a design, which they then
drew onto their burlap with a piece of chalk. They also used tapestry
needles but they had a wide choice of colors of yarn which they were to
thread and knot themselves. Many couldn't do this at first, but were having
more success with their knots towards the end of the unit. They also used a
simple running stitch and I stressed making the stitches small and neat.

I did a quilt making unit with my third graders. They planned their designs
on a 12"x12" piece of paper and cut the shapes out of fabric. They either
traced the shape through the fabric if it was light enough, used tracing
paper to make a pattern that was pinned onto the fabric and cut,or drew
directly onto the fabric. When all of their pieces were cut out, they were
given a piece of 14"x14" muslin to pin their cutout pieces on to. They then
were given a large sewing needle and thread. I encouraged them to thread and
knot these themselves, but some students still needed help with this at the
end of the project. They used a running stitch to sew on their pieces.
Again, I encouraged small, neat stitching. When finished, I gave them a piece
of batting and backing and we pinned their "quilt sandwich" together and they
would actually begin the quilting. Next, I would fold in the edges and they
would sew these. The quilts were really neat to do, but they did take a lot
of time. I was going to sew them together to make a large quilt, but I
thought it was much more important for the students to each have their own.
The students that had not finished were given instructions on how to finish
their quilts at home. Hopefully, on a lovely, rainy, summer day they will be
picked up and completed!

Most students enjoyed their sewing experience. If you need more detailed
info. just let me know.


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