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Re: Public Art Site

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Mon, 5 Jul 1999 19:20:43 EDT

Dear Nancy,

I just took a look at the Public Sculpture Site... Lots of great stuff there!

You asked:

>Is it useful? Interesting?
It is useful and interesting IF one has public sculpture similar to what is
referred to in their world. I see that the emphasis is on adopting a
monument, so I assume the site had its roots in something related to that.
Anything to get people to stop and look at the world around them is great!
Yesterday I saw a truck at the trading post with a miniature bronze sculpture
of a cowboy (ala Remington) soldered to the hood...would that count?

>Any other comments? What should we add?
Hmmm.... How about bringing backyard art into the picture? Is it also
considered public sculpture? Could that bring it more into the daily world of
the students? Yes I am referring to whirleygigs, statues of rabbits, the
wooden cutouts of girls in bonnets.... :)
Also, I skimmed the site quickly. I did notice there was some mention of
the site for the sculpture. A while back I heard an art historian use the
term "turds in the plaza" when referring to the situation of an artwork.
(That will get the students attention)!

>Do you know of any other sites like it? Do you know of any related sites to
which we should
I made a note of your site and will let you know if I come across something.

Hope it is put to good use. Wondering how I would use it here in a little
town in the middle of the Navajo Reservation. We have lots of natural
sculpture in the rocks in the environment , the only sculptural things that
come to mind are a memorial for policemen in front of the Police Department,
and signs. We do have awesome murals painted all over the schools, though,
which I use to study public art and the issues addressed on your webpage.

Christine Merriam
Kayenta Intermediate School