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A O (anexa3)
Mon, 05 Jul 1999 12:37:24 EDT

One of the Art Games I do at the highschool level is really an ongoing
review of terms. I have 'homework' coupons which I give to students if they
get so many answers right. If a student recieves a homework coupon, then
they may turn that in, in place of their homework for that week. To earn a
homework coupon, students answer questions correctly. At the end of class,
many times they'll ask me to play the 'homework coupon game' which I guess
is what I would call it now. I ask questions about the lesson that day or
even sometimes the chapter we studied last week, and the first person to
raise his or her hand that answers correctly gets a point. 3 points and the
student gets a homework coupon. This can be adjusted for time and
difficulty. Some students collect these and turn them in at the end of a
grading period for extra credit instead of not doing a homework
assignment.(2 coupons = 1 pt.)(5pt max. I also call them 'art money' because
if they loose them I do not replace them. Some students proudly hand them in
bragging to others about not having to do his or her homework assignment. At
the highschool level, this is very effective for keeping students on task.
They also seem to pay more attention to me when we are going over terms and
defitions because they know I will be asking questions at some point. This
also eliminates the need for 'quizzing' as much as I did in the past. I give
homework coupons for other reasons as well. If you are interested, let me
know I can share further.

Amber Oakes
North Lenoir High School
La Grange, NC

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