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Re: Art Games

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Mon, 5 Jul 1999 10:37:58 EDT

An art game my students love is "Art Concentration". I used old 'library
pockets' laminated to tagboard and doubles of art images, famous paintings,
etc. (You can use postcards and make your own board.) They're numbered on
the back... they call out 2 numbers. One student is the card flipper. If
it's not a match, they lose a turn. If it is, they choose 2 more numbers.
Sometimes I have them name or give a fact about the artwork. I choose
students that are silent and 'concentrating' to play.

Another is a quickie for younger students. Grab 3 posters of art
reproductions that are quite different from each other. Tell the students
that two posters go together-- but one does not. They have to raise their
hand to be called on and tell the class which one it is and a reason why they
think it does not belong. The responses are incredible! (Kind of like that
Sesame Street game/song "One of these things is not like the other")!!

After I finished student-teaching and had a little time, I made up a game
board based on an idea from my cooperating teacher. It is called "Escape
artist" and the game board is a curvy intersecting pathway made up of blocks
of primary and secondary colors. A few of the blocks say,"You discovered a
masterpiece-- Move ahead 3 spaces!!", or "Scissors cuts your pathway- move
back 2!!" I made a cube from wood and painted each side in a primary of
secondary color and made up dozens of questions about art on strips of
paper. You need to pull a few art reproductions for this game, and divide the
class into 2 teams.

One student is chosen to answer a questions about the art repro, "Show me an
example of an intersecting line, where do you see a tint, show me a
sculpture, etc." If they need help, the team members can aid in answering
the question. If it is answered corrrectly, they roll the cube and move a
game piece along the pathway. Objective is to reach the end and "Escape"
before the other team !!