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Re: 7th graders, ideas for projects and discipline-long

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Sun, 4 Jul 1999 07:33:35 EDT

Hi Nora,
My 7th graders liked:

1.Radial designs, demonstrated on the overhead projector, using safe t
compasses (they are flat, plastic, orange with the white disk), the medium is
colored pencils

2.Radial tires with mag wheels, shading and contrasts of black, white and
gray, demonstrated on the overhead, the medium is lead pencils, referencing
several real hub caps and magazine pictures.

3.Parodies of Mona Lisa, The American Gothic and The Thinker, using
Lichtenstein style or Marcel Duchamp style, referencing the 2 issues of
Scholastic Arts containing good articles on these artists. I used an opaque
projector to project the magazine photos. The medium is markers.

I DID NOT do anything which called for getting out of their seats, I
distributed supplies, etc. As you see, I only used pencils and markers as
materials. They were pleased when I hung their artwork in the hall and would
point it out to their friends and say, that's mine, that's my best work. Then
they would ask, are you going to hang up this next project we're doing. "You

I also had plenty of lunch detentions, to get their work done that they
didn't get done in class, if they were not ON TASK. Then for the repeat
offenders, after school detentions, in which I would get them out of
lunch/recess to call home, if they failed to tell mom. I picked them up from
their last class after school and escorted them to my room. I even walked on
the bus to retrieve one.

They were real good by the end of the year. I only had one 7th grade, however.

I told one, "Alex, Alex, you should know better by now, that if you are
absent on a detention day, I will go after you when you come back to school,
or if you skip out after school, I will go after you 4x harder, to make sure
you serve your consequence, plus an extra one."

I always smiled after I gave them a consequence, even when they were mad. I
read somewhere that that works with JH. When they tried to bargain, I just
smiled and shook my head, no. When they had a fit about a detention, I gave
them another. I issued detentions by writing their name on the board, then a
check, etc, and, during class, I would write out a small detention slip of
paper and inconspiciously place it on their desk while I was circulating.
They knew the rules, I didn't engage in a discussion re: "what'd I do?"

The lunch detention read, you are invited to spend lunch and recess with Mrs
________on ________. Please bring your lunch and work to do to room_____.

I had some testers, but after each one went through the ordeal, they were
receptive and polite and asked to help me and said hello to me in the halls.
There were rough days, but I won. I always stay late, anyway.