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Re: Copyright laws

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craig roland (rolandc)
Sat, 3 Jul 1999 20:25:20 -0400

Karla wrote:

>Speaking of copyright laws, what is the legality of using artwork off
>Internet sites? I was hoping to copy works onto PowerPoint presentations
>which can be shown over my TV screen. I'm assuming it's legal but would like
>to hear from those who have researched the subject of copyright laws.
>Anybody know for certain?

Karla (and other interested readers),

I've enjoyed the exchange between Bob and Henry regarding copyright issues.
But, I'm not sure they've answered Karla's original question?

I assume Karla's talking about displaying images from the net in her
classroom. In which case, the "fair use" provisions of the copyright law
would SEEM to apply here and allow her to display images in her
classroom...assuming this display is for educational purposes only. I
think she would have problems with infringement though if she's displaying
these images in other public places.

Over the past few years, I've tried (like others here) to understand
copyright laws and (like Bob) the more I read about it the more confused I
get. I appreciate Bob sharing some of his recent discoveries on this

I've included a desciption of the fair use provision on my website (since
this came from a government agency it is public domain material). You can
review it at:

This posting is part of a paper I wrote (and presented at NAEA) some time ago:

I also presented on this subject at NAEA in Chicago with Mary Beth Koos.
We generated a links page on the topic which is located at:

I apologize if some of the links on this page are dead. I haven't updated
it recently.

I read somewhere a comment by a lawyer on this topic that went something
like, "If you feel you're infringing on someone's copyRIGHT, you probably
are. When in doubt, seek permission."

Seems like good advise.


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