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Re: transparencies at Kinkos

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henry taylor (taylorh)
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 18:50:26 -0700

One of the sad thing about this state of affairs in copyright is what's
happpened to the associated "fair use" rights. Fair use is threatened
simply because its easier to deny an artist his or her fair-use rights than
to become adequately? reasonably? familiar with copyright law. It's just
easier "to quit making copies of anything that is copyrighted."

Going the other way, its also incredibly easy to get around copyright and
make a small fortune "knocking" off a copyrighted design. Target and Wal
Mart watch counters are filled with rip-offs of Rolex copyrighted trade

Yet a small Hip-Hop group who use "Sampling" and sound collage under Fair
Use or a teacher using transparencies from books and magazines in class can
be shut down on the off chance that it might somehow constitute copyright

Go figure.


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From: Pablo90512 <Pablo90512>

>I have quit making copies of anything that is copyrighted. Companies are
>taking their "rights" very seriously and if you are in violation, the
>district will not support you. Our school district has it written
>specifically in the handbook. Whether a company lets you do it or
>not....doesn't mean that it is's still very much illegal even
>educational purposes!
>Kinko's of course makes people sign..this is to protect them. Office Max
>probably hasn't been sued yet.