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transparencies at Kinkos

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Bunki Kramer (
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 11:42:38 -0700 (PDT)

"Kinko's will make a transparancy but first tell them you are a teacher and
will use it for educational purposes only. Then they ask you to sign a
form....The cost is three or four dollars depending on whether or not they
have to adjust the size of your picture." from Moonbeargj
">Okay, I have to admit, while in graduate school I worked at Kinkos....." from

Hi....I'm so glad you both wrote. made it all so clear about
the copywriting laws and just exactly what they are and why Kinko has been
so paranoid sometimes about the forms. I experienced ALOT of paranoia last
year. I LIVE in California so all you said makes sense. However, THIS year
I've had NO trouble nor have I been asked to sign any forms. I do all my
copying at the customer color copy machine without any hassle. I can't do
transparencies at this marchine though.

They make transparencies at the "back" machine (behind the counter) but it
only cost me $.99 per copy. I use transparencies only when I teach at
workshops. Most of my color copying I do for the gen. artroom is to enlarge
copies for hands-on visuals. My personal "take" on using this method over
the computer image transfer to TV or overheads is that you have to turn on
a machine to show the visuals each time. With an enlarged color copy, I can
walk it around the room for closer inspection or hang it up on the cabinet
for on-going talks and critques. Can't do that with the other methods.

With the equipment I have available at our school, digital cameras or
scanners don't provide as clear an image as a Kinko copy. Hopefully those
of you using this method have better equipment than we do.

Also...when I take a small picture...say 2x3" and blow it up to 14x17" on
the color copy machine, the image tends to blur sometimes.

Kinko's gave out cards to teachers this year so now you can show your card
and get a 10% discount. I just save my receipts, turn them in to the
district, and the district reimburses me through my art budget. Of course,
THAT process takes about a month so I save receipts until they pile up.

Yes, I agree. You need to find a Kinko's who won't give you alot of grief.
I shopped around until I found a friendlier one. All their prices are the
same in my area of CA. Color copy 14x17 runs $1.98
color copy 11x8 is cheaper...don't know as I don't use this size
color transparencies run $.99 (no cost for size adjusting)


Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526

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