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Overview of Power Point - brief instructions

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croberts (b2w6w4kn)
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 11:57:37 -0400

I had this information saved that I gave someone regarding Power Point, for
anyone interested.

Brief Overview of Power Point to get you started….
Open Power Point, close the open screen that appears in the center. If the
Common Task menu shows, leave it. If not, you can place this on your screen
by going to View in menu bar at top, then Toolbar, then click on Common
Then click on File, New
Click on Presentation Designs, then click “Fans”, OK
A group of slide designs will appear and 1st will probably be highlighted
Click Ok and slide will appear.
Click in top box and write title of presentation.
Click in next box and write your name, whatever….
You can change the SIZE of the boxes by placing mouse pointer on the boxes
on the outer borders.
You can move the boxes by placing mouse pointer somewhere on the outer
border where there is no little box.
If you want the print larger or smaller, click and drag over text to
highlight, then click the LARGE A or small A on tool bar to change size.
Then go to the COMMON TASK box, hanging loose there…
Click New Slide, and the slide designs will pop up again. Choose the second
slide selection (or whatever). This will be a TEXT slide.
Click on top box and write a title.
Click in bottom box, begin typing text. When you finish one sentence or
statement, click Enter, etc.
When finished with that slide, click New Slide in Common Task Box.
Select the format…the second one will be all right again, click OK.
Click on top box and write title…or omit writing if you wish.
Then click on larger box, then go to Insert on menu bar, then Picture, then
And usually I save images from the WWW (internet) on a floppy disk…but go to
where you have the images and click on the one you want and click on either
OK or insert.

REMEMBER…..Save EACH time you complete a slide.
Now…to look at the slides….
Go to bottom of grey screen. There are 5 boxes to the left of the bottom
scroll bar.
1st – that’s the one you’re on
2nd – that’s the text version
3rd – thumbnail of all slides
4th – (new to me…think it’s the handout page to use when you want to print
handouts to go with your presentation and maybe you want additional
5th – this is the Slide presentation.
Go to your first slide (can scroll up using the right scroll bar), then
click on the slide button at the bottom and manually click through the
slides….or click on Thumbnail view of slides and highlight the first one.
Then click on the 5th box or slide button.
This is only the basics that I use to get my students started. Your
presentation could be timed, or they can do all the fancy ways of coming
into view. But when I am showing this in class, I generally talk while I'm
showing the images. I simply click my mouse to move from slide to slide.

Carolyn Roberts
E. B. Frink Middle School
Kinston, NC