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Re: simple rainbow/colors art ideas

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MaryAnn Kohl (maryann)
Thu, 1 Jul 99 20:59:12 -0700

Still going through my files!! This is a nice simple idea that is fun to
do outside or in the summer. PS You don't have to make rainbows....just
enjoy the water and paint. It's a good time to recommend a product:
Discount School Supply's "Liquid Watercolors". They are not like real
watercolors....they have their own attributes, like the WON"T mix on the
paper. Very unwatercolory. The second idea listed here -- chromatography
-- is more involved but kids love it. So do I !! Hope someone can use

"Blurry Colors" ---
>white paper (heavier, not thin like newsprint, like a nice white drawing
>dish of water
>fat paintbrush or small sponge
>any paints and brushes (Discount School Supply's Liquid Watercolors are
amazing for this easy project)

>1. Brush water on the white paper. Brush (or sponge) it smooth on the table
with no puddles. The paper should be damp but not dripping.
>2. Paint on the wet paper. Paint a rainbow, if desired, or any rainbow colors
in any design. The colors will blur and blend together.
>3. Dry. (Note: Discount School Supply can send you a free catalog. See their
website at

This is a little harder, but a great project to see colors separate out
into their actual base colors. COOL!!

>from my book, ScienceArts: page 97...
I have simplified and revised this project for you.
>* Note: The process of separating colors or pigments is called chromatography.
>paper towels or other absorbent paper (like coffee filters)
>marking pens
>cookie sheet
>1. Dampen a paper towel with water. Flatten it out on a cookie sheet.
>2. Touch the point of a marking pen to the wet paper towel. Hold it there
while the towel absorbs ink from the pen. Watch the ink spread out. Watch
and see if the ink separates into more than one color... for example,
purple should spread out and separate into red and blue.
> More: Drop a dot of color, if you have some fabric dyes or colored inks,
on a wet coffee filter with an eye dropper or paintbrush. Watch the
colors separate. Dry.

MaryAnn F. Kohl (WA)