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passes out of class

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Kurt Hasselman (kprs)
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 08:11:19 -0400

Like everyone else, my students try to use art class to go and do those
things they can't get out and do in other classes, i.e. make up tests,
go to the bathroom, make a phone call etc.

I have taken this approach and it has made them rethink going. I let
them go. I try to make the class about "the work", and being an
"artist". The beginning students are so overwhelmed by this approach,
that they rarely ask for a pass, because of ,I think, the "atmosphere",
where everyone has "hunkered down" and started the "work", and my
advance students have permission to write their own passes, so the
discreetly write a pass, get up and leave, and hustle back to continue
"the work". My philosophy with them has been "in the real world you get
so involved with "the work" that you may not even stop to go to the
bathroom, eat, or use the phone, or G*d forbid, see tv", so that we try
to maintain that "real world", and to that end we all realize that when
you have to go to the bathroom in the "real world", you don't ask
permission, you just go.

Do I have people who try to misuse the "system"? of course I do, but I
nip that in the bud, by watching how long it takes them, how many times
they go, and then speaking to them about it.....I have been heard to say
"out loud" to certain kids, "well, I guess you had better find another
teacher's class to get out of, because you won't be leaving this class
for the next 2 weeks, and then I stick to it...." You only have to do
that once, (and early on too), and then no one misuses the "system".

By the end of the school year, my kids are roaming the grounds with
drawing boards, getting reference materials for their "work", drawing,
sketching, and coming back showing each other.

Now, not all of my kids are motivated...but those who aren't feel, left
out of the "loop", will sit and do their assignments to the best of
their ability, and then get out other work to work on. (They know the
drill, though).

San D