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printmaking lessons........

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Bunki Kramer (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 17:47:53 -0700

Hi, Marsha......

> always seem to have the answer.

Oh, Yea. Right! If I had all the answers, I'd be makin' a whole bunch more
$$$ and not teaching, hee, hee.

>...during printmaking...My question is:>What projects can I give the
>waiting ones as well as the finishers that might>be related in concept
>but would not need my direct assistance? ( since I will>be assisting the
>ones printing).

I'm guessing you want to stay in the printing mode so I have a good lesson
you might want to use for those "busy" hands to be occupied. Have you tried
eraser printing? It's easy to teach and leave alone with the kids while you
can be elsewhere mentally or physically. It's also a good way to teach them
the diff. variations of printing...."drop", "flip", and "rotate". Use the
square gum erasers, have them draw an arrow with perm. ink on the top to
use as a guide, flip and on the bottom have them cut a design with an
exacto knife (I use linoleum cutters with thin gouger blades). The "ink"
comes from markers colored right onto the eraser and while still wet, will
print. I cut 9x12 drawing paper into 3 sections...4x9. I have them do three
1. "drop" which looks like.....x x x x x x
x x x x x
2. "flip".....> < > < > < > <
3. "rotation"....turns a 360 degrees with four stamps...x x
x x
This project will take approx. 3 days to complete. Stamping makes a little noise
(like popping the lids off the markers drove me nuts) but they seem to like
the process and somehow they don't get too bored. You can tie this into
patterning nicely and discuss patterns in students' clothing. Matisse works
in nicely also with his painted patterns. I do this with my 6th graders but
an art teacher friend does it with her 8th graders. I think it's a good
all-round lesson for mid. school. I've also used the 2nd and 3rd day for
sub lessons and it worked well.

Another good lesson is to use matboard (free at galleries) as a base and
use tagboard cut up into pieces to represent a fish, add
scales...and build up 2-3 levels of tagboard in a very low relief. Cover
with aluminum foil using a white glue-water mix and rub with blk. ink if
you want, for a relief. You can also foget the alum. foil and use the
relief for copy paper relief printing with crayon. Make visual patterns
with crayon also on the relief printed paper and then watercolor. These
turn out super.

I can't take credit for the above lessons. Both were from Carolyn Roberts
on this list.

>BTW,I really liked your soda box storage idea! Need to find the cabinets for
>it tho'.

I just used my reg. cabinets and made thin shelves. We can fit 3-4 boxes on
each shelf. I number the shelves on the inside edge of the cabinet. You
could also make exposed shelves on the walls with wooden planks. It really
is worth the trouble to make them. Bye.......

Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526

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