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Robert Beeching (robprod)
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 10:26:39 -0700

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Randy Long, South Lake Tahoe wrote:


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Bob, yes it works. I received your E-mails. We have re-established contact through this amazing Sci-Fi miracle.

Re. " The Insensitive Mouse".

I sometimes find myself thinking that my classes are too process oriented and need more histo-socio-polico-economicos of the arts. I do collect pieces via video wherever I find them and share with the students. I am actually mentally mulling some academic period links to the the processes we cover. However, your article reasures me that what I do is valid. The core will not change. Drawing, Painting, etc.

Kids not only need to understand visual cues and how to create them to express their ideas. But they also crave the processes in a therapeutic way.

I do wish I was more computer literate. But we seem to get out of it what we need. The fonts are a real time saver. And although we do a calligraphy-lettering unit. When we need to produce more commercial type work, the computer gives us instant perfection for layout/paste-up. We use a small handheld scanner to transfer line drawings for enlargement, manipulation, cleanup. That then can be put back to hard copy on the printer. From there we can go to photo screen or even offset plate. But, point is it all originates between the ears and the most direct link to between the page and the grey matter is out the hand and into the pencil.

I don't get into the computer at all with beginners. I feel they need to appreciate their personal growth without comparing it to the artificial image the can render instantly electronically.

The OOH's and AAH's that come from direct contact with color and line need to be experienced first.

My machine here is starting to make strange noises. I think it need to be burped. Got to go!


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