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taylorh (taylorh)
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 17:45:57 -0700 (MST)

Sadly the Cancer Center does NOT get any money as a result of mail
chains. Any e-mail that suggests that some worthy individual or
institution will receive ANY remuneration relative to the number of copies
forwarded is almost certainly bogus.

Even were there something to be gained the institution so favored would be
wary about accepting anything. It seems possible that they might become
legally open to any number of problems were they to do so.

Finally, if you ever sat frustrated waiting for a connection to be made on
the web you can probably thank at least two unnecessary culprits Spam and
Chains which inevitably we all end up participating in at one time or

Stop before you forward that next one. Postpone mailing for a few minutes
and check things out. Search for information on chain letters even the
specific one you are about to respond to. Odds are its been around a few
years and you may find out that it has already crashed a few systems...
(This happened recently to a vendor of Tiffany's) or forced someone to
move from their home... you never know.

I've seen this one before least a version of it. I checked it out
myself. It's worth doing for yourself to feel more confident about erasing
the guilt inducing demons. If you've already forwarded it no need for
embarassment, everyone's done it somewhere along the line. me too.
Sometimes it seems so reasonable... a virus warning, a petition. I'll
probably do it again with one I don't recognize some how. Really.
cheers all