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Tue, 21 Jul 1998 16:22:12 -0500

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Ok , I forwarding my original letter. I hope it works this time.--MB

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Subject: What do people like in Art?
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Hi all,
While cleaning out some of my school stuff this summer , I came across
an article that was in our local newspaper . Now, the article is 4
years old, but I bet people's views (in general) haven't changed much.
Which led me to think about the recent postings of -What's Worth
Teaching? and if you agree with the findings of the survey in this
article , than we sure have our work cut out for us. And that we will
have to teach the students meaningful art and MORE!
The article was about a survey done by a Boston strategic consulting and
public opinion research firm- Marttila & Kiley. Well, it turns out that
the kind af art work most people prefer is blue, realistic,
traditionally executed and an outdoor scene. And no nudes.
According to the survey- 64% of Americans prefer traditional art.
-68% prefer people to be fully
-88% (wow) prefer outdoor scenes
-60% like realistic art
-75% believe that art does not
have to teach a lesson
-Norman Rockwell was the most
popular artist-Rembrandt was 2nd
Good news-some other interesting finds were that 77% of people display
art in their homes, 79% would encourage their child if they wanted to be
an artist, and 43% want to see people at leisure as opposed to working
in artwork.
Asked the most that one would pay for a work of art-$200 to $500. Only
9% would pay above $500.
Well, maybe some of this is no revelation to some of you ,but I thought
it was some food for thought on what we need to provide for our art
students. One last note- I do notice that when I put up realistic
pictures of student work it gets a lot more attention from the staff
than when I put up their cooperative Pollock paintings. At times I feel
my job is not to only educate the students, but also help the adults in
our building be more informed and aware of different kinds of art.