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Art Jobs?

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Sat, 18 Jul 1998 15:57:18 EDT

Someone asked what kind of jobs are available for artists.
Look around you. The chair you sit on and the table your computer sits on
are fine examples of just that. The design in the carpet (texture, color, or
mixtures thereof) were in part first set to paper by an artist somewhere. Who
decides if the color is colonial Blue or warm french blue? That is the job of
an artist somewhere. Not all clothing designers are on the roles at the
garment district in New York or the runways of Paris, some of them work with
Target, Wall Mart, or J. C. Penneys. The shape of the bathroom sink or the
tank on your toilet is the result of an artists work.
Students have to first learn the limits of a particular material (basket
reed or clay maybe), before they can explore the possibilities of what hasn't
been done before with the medium. There are classes, or books that teach
computer graphics. If you can read and have enough time you can teach those to
yourself. What is difficult to learn from a book is creativity. How to think
"outside the box". The are people everywhere who can follow the rules, color
within the lines,etc. The creativity involved in problem solving is not being
taught in most schools today and in fact is quite frowned upon as many
educators try to categorize children. There is not way to measure creativity,
yet the ability to adapt to different situations and to solve problems is one
of the major attributes of a successful business.
You can't sit on a computer generated chair or live in a computer generated
Off the soapbox now .. was starting to get a nosebleed.........':)