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Re: What's worth teaching in art?

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Louise Lutton (
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 11:20:20 +0000

Brenda, Thanks on several accounts:

First off, thanks for mentioning your grade level. I realize postings that
do not inlcude this information can be adjusted to lower/upper levels. But
it is pleasant when the poster mentions age levels right off!

Our district has ancient written curriculum so we also determine what to
teach. I think admisistration generally doesn't have a clue, so best to
leave us to our own devices.

Lastly I am interested in other's approaches to setting up curriculum and
would like to hear from more people on this topic.

Louise in Mich.

What to teach -
I pretty much determine what I teach. We have no art curriculum in our
district (we are in the process of writing one). Since I am in Elementary,
I try not to repeat specific projects too often. I use a thematic approach
and some themes are repeated (Masks, Monsters, & Myths and African Art)
yearly, but the specific content varies from year to year. I use DBAE
approach and also try to get all the elements and principles in there. I
plan my themes/projects out at the beginning of the year for the entire
school term.

Three things -
1) Everything and everybody is connected in someway. Art helps make those
2) There is no such thing as one right answer in art (life either, for
that matter), there are many right answers.
3) Everyone has something to say and everyone expresses it differently.
We have to have understanding before we can make judgements.

Essentials -
Art is a form of communciation and reflects culture and society. Art
exists in many forms.