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Lesson Plans

Re: The First Day of School

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Heidi McElroy (hmcelroy)
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 16:41:01 -0400

Hi Bluestruth,
i start school in my art one class with line exercises..very non
threatening and eye opening in some cases. Directions follow. I'll be
interested in seeing other ideas.


Listen carefully to directions before attempting any drawing.

1. within the given space of paper create something visually interesting
using only symbols. Consider the relation of the
lines to the size and shape of the paper.

2. creating depth
Place 3 parts of a circle on your paper that come out of the sides and
place 1 whole circle anywhere on your paper.
Start at the left edge of your paper and draw a straight line from left to
right. However, when you come to a circle make the line follow the
imaginary curve of the circle (think of the circle as a sphere at this
point and go around the mass of the sphere).
draw parallel lines that follow the above directions from the top to the
bottom of your paper.
The parallel lines do not have to be evenly spaced.

3. Place your paper horizontally.
Draw a curved line across your paper anywhere but in the middle.
Be sure that the line has at least 3 valleys and 2 hills.
Place a dot at each of the lowest and highest points.
Start at the left edge of your paper and draw a curved line to the first
point and then to the second and third until you come to the right edge.
Go back to the left edge and continuing making curved lines following the
directions until your paper is filled with an interesting composition that
is not too busy or too sparse.

4. Using continual line break the paper into as many enclosed blocks as
notes on line
there are 2 sources of line...natural and man made
2 types of man made line are 1. functional as the lines in buildings and
2. imaginative as the lines in patterns
there are 5 ways to vary lines..change Length, Width, the degree of
curvature , the Direction and the Texture of Line

discuss Tension and using India ink and pen create Tension thru Line
works well for day 2.

i find it takes a few days for students to change I don't get
to the real meat right away, lest I have to do a lot of repeating as more
students take the class.

Heidi McElroy