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Re: Child development /sex/ and the turmoil in Western society

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 22:03:49 -0400

wendy sauls wrote:

> my opinion is that we in the U.S.seem to have a pretty unhealthy attitude in general about sex and bodies.
> as a ms teacher one thing that really gets me about this issue is our lack
> of responsibility with regards to teen sex. kids are doing it, we all know
> it, but all we can do is tell them not to and stick our heads in the sand.
> meanwhile, they are getting diseases, unwanted pregnancies... in general,
> the 'just say no' technique lives on. btw, what do you all think about the
> new just say no commercials, on an artistic/communicative critique level?
> hey, i think i just got a great idea for a lesson plan in the fall...
> wishing for utopia,
> wendy

I agree and what is more unbelievable is that no new generation
learns from these mistakes. It seems that they (We) make the same
mistakes over and over. Is it a self fulfilling prophesy? Do we
reach an age and at the same time loose enough brain cells that we
simply regress and
mistrust,lie,avoid and embarrassment comes between us and our
I think the just say no sucks!
It's easy to say don't do it. It's not just sex,but
etc. which comes into play. I am currently reading a book" A fine
Man;What Parents,Mentors and Educators can do to shape adolescent
boys into exceptional Michael Gurian. He is the author of
The wonder of Boys as well. Another recommendation is:"Beating the
Academically successful African American Males:by Freeman A.
I believe all educators and other mentors of children should have a
solid base to work from when it comes to dealing with kids and
their growing into adolescence and adulthood as smooth as possible.
Some may not think this is part of art, but what is more apart of us
than who we are. Art is self expressionism.
The body is a symbol of who we are. Just as the debate continues
about the Flag and it's meaning: Is it the symbol of this country or
is there actually a sacred part in each flag which is symbolic.We
know our body is sacred,we feel we should protect it with
so I say disrobe and paint your bodies then role on some canvas-
(Sorry that was performance art and Jackson Pollack intermingling in
my mind).
Seriously,maybe a lesson could be integrated in other classes as
"The body as a symbol","The flag as a symbol" and how the two shall
"Symbolic art in Modern society", The history of man and mankind in
Kids can research ,write papers,make posters.
"The Human Form in Western Society" etc.,.
I think grown ups need to grow up and treat kids with respect as
well,it seems that something is terribly wrong in this country and
kids are killing kids in public places,schools. Our children are
crying out and
ignorance and avoidance from the adult stand point doesn't seem to
be dealing with it. I am not ignoring females in this
equastion,however I think males may need more emphasis at this time.
In correcting their attitudes toward women,anger,their emerging
bodies this will effect the girls they come in contact with. They
respect their peers regardless of sex,they respect themselves and us
as well.
Do you know I heard a study the other day that 30 % of adolescent
believe if they pay for a date they believe it's okay to force sex
as part of that date.

Sorry for going on.

john barrick
Sandra Barrick